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5 Questions With “The Jet Press”: Discussing the St. Louis Rams Vs. New York Jets


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As the days tick away until the St. Louis Rams step into the spotlight against the media market, behemoths in New York, Ramblin’ Fan reached across enemy lines to get a Jets point of view on the upcoming game. For that, we sat down the brilliant and talented Alan Schechter, editor of The Jet Press, the New York Jets fan site within the Fansided network.  We swapped 5 questions pertaining to the game, here is how he answered ours…

1. The St. Louis Rams are similar to the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks in terms of their style of offense. What will the New York Jets do to prevent a similar outcome this weekend, after allowing 34 points and 28 points, respectfully, to the other NFC West teams?

"The Jets are coming around on defense, believe it or not.  They actually did a good job on Sunday at stopping the run.  Marshawn Lynch was ineffective for the first three quarters of the football game.  He picked up the majority of his yards in the fourth quarter after the defense was spent and tired.  The defense has to be able to stay off the field, which gets into the real key answer to your question, the offense.The offense has to perform better.  They are running the ball better, as they did rush for 3.8 yards per carry against Seattle on Sunday, before they had to get away from it because they were behind.  The Jets will have to be able to run the football in order to change the outcome against the latest NFC West opponent."

2. The Jets’ offense is ranked 28th in passing yards, 17th in passing yards, and 24th in points per game this season. What adjustments will the New York Jets make to get the ball moving down the field and put points on the board?

"Again, for the Jets it gets back to running the football.  The Jets don’t have a lot of weapons to get down the field, so they have to work the passing game off of their running attack.  They can not win a football game with an aerial assault.  They have to have an effective running game on Sunday in order for them to be able to move the ball at all."

3. Outside of the Indianapolis Colts game, Shonn Greene has been only moderately effective rushing out of the backfield. With Bilal Powell likely out this week after suffering a concussion on Sunday, who, if anyone, will step up and take the extra rushes for the Jets?

"Well, Joe McKnight was limited in practice on Wednesday with his ankle injury.  He had been playing well before he got hurt, and if he is able to go on Sunday, he is a more than viable speed option out of the backfield for the Jets.  They also signed Kahlil Bell this week, previously from the Chicago Bears.  He doesn’t have a history of many carries behind him, mostly because he played behind a guy named Matt Forte, but when he did play, he was effective, with an average yards per carry of over four.  Some in Jets Nation argue that he might be the most talented RB on the team now, and he is just about certain to see action on Sunday."

4. It is Tebow Time in New York?

"I am not a believer in Tim Tebow, as many others are.  I say that it is not because first of all, he is not a great quarterback.  The Jets don’t have the personnel to run his read/option stuff, so he would be asked, for the most part, to be a traditional QB, which he is not good at.  Second of all, the Jets have far too many problems to make one change.  Tebow will not be able to work his previous magic with this excuse for an offense."

5. Your best predictions for the game…

"I always hedge this a little bit.  If the Jets can run it, and stop Steven Jackson, they have a chance.  If not, it could be an ugly day for us back in New York."