Houston Texans Take Home Turkey Day 34-31 OT Win Over Detroit Lions


First of all, happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Rams Nation and beyond. Hope it was filled with delicious food, amazing family time, and, if you are of age, some ice cold beer to top off the day of thanks and football.

After a moderately entertaining regulation period, the overtime in the Houston Texans versus Detroit Lions was a game of its own. Matthew Stafford started off the extra time with a 40 yard bomb to Broyles, putting the Lions at the 40 yard line, roughly 10 yards away from Hanson field goal range. On 2nd and 10, Stafford threw to Pettigrew across the middle, who fought for 8 years, likely within range… but, the ball popped out, recovered by Houston. The Texans marched down the field on the following possession, lining up a 51 yard field goal Graham to win the game. Wide left!

Taking over from the DET 41, the Lions were in a perfect position to win the game, needing only a couple of first downs to ice the game with a Hanson kick. Instead, Stafford forced one deep to Broyles on 3rd down, which was intercepted, but then reversed, leading to a punt. Schaub, not to be outdone by the Lions signal caller, forced his fourth pass of the drive to Andre Johnson in the middle of the field, which was snagged away by Houston, in the Lions secondary, not the team.

The Lions would, again, get a shot at the win with amazing field position to start off the drive. After moving the ball from the HOU 41 to the HOU 29, Hanson jogged onto the field to attempt a 47 yarder. The kick sailed up, wavering back and forth on the right goal post. Finally, the ball bounced off the post, seemingly deflecting through the uprights for the win! Or did it… The referees waved off the field goal, as the replay showed the ball hitting the uprights and landing in front of the posts. Schaub and the Texans would drive on the next possession for the winning field goal, as Ford Field and the Lions’ faithful sit watching in misery. The win for Houston ensures that the St. Louis Rams and the San Francisco 49ers remain the only team in 2012 with an extra number notched on the end of their record.