Stats That Will Matter When The St. Louis Rams Take On The Arizona Cardinals: By The Numbers


After a disappointing tie with the San Francisco 49ers, the New York Jets game was supposed to be the Rams self-esteem booster heading into a final stretch of the season. However, that boost turned out to be a spike the deflated the St. Louis team, and any hopes of a miracle run into the playoffs. Still, there are six games left in the season, and there is momentum to be had, especially considering the Rams play the Bills and the Cardinals in two of their next three games, with San Francisco sandwiched in between. So, should the Rams be optimistic heading into Sunday? Here are some of the statistics that will matter, by the numbers…


Total passing yards by Sam Bradford in his three games against NFC West opponents. He averaged 16.3 completions with only a 51.1% completion percentage, but threw for 4 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions. The St. Louis Rams are 2-0-1 in those contests.


Yards this season when Steven Jackson has gotten at least 13 carries in a game. That equates to 73.2 yards per games. Jackson needs to average only 69.2 yards per game in the remaining six matchups to hit the 1,000 yard mark this season.


Penalties committed by the St. Louis Rams’ offense this season, which is 3rd in the league behind only the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys.


Average yards per game by Steven Jackson against NFC West opponents, with Daryl Richardson adding another 36.3 yards per contest in each of those games.


Total career passing yards for the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback, Ryan Lindley. Those yards came in his 9 out of 20 passing night against the Atlanta Falcons, where, despite the defense intercepting Matt Ryan five times, the Cardinals were unable to convert for the win.


Percentage of the St. Louis Rams total sacks that have been recorded by the current starting defensive line. Although Brockers has only played in a little over half of the games this season, he has tallied 2.5 sacks on the interior of the line. Robert Quinn has 8.5 and Chris Long has 7 takedowns, including 2 last week against the New York Jets.


Average receiving yards per game for Larry Fitzgerald since the Cardinals played the Minnesota Vikings in mid-October. He has also caught only one touchdown pass, which came in the 17-31 loss to the Green Bay Packers.


Average ranking of the St. Louis and Arizona offenses. in terms of points per game, with 17.4 and 16.3, respectively.


Third down conversion percentage for the Arizona Cardinals, which is dead last in the NFL. The Jaguars, Bengals, Redskins, Raiders, and Browns are the only other teams that convert on less than one-third of their attempts.


Average number of points scored by the Arizona Cardinals during their four game winning streak to start the season.


Number of attempted 4th down tries by the St. Louis Rams, which is first in the NFL. In fact, the NFC West hold the Top 3 spots in terms of 4th down attempts, with San Francisco being the only “seemingly” conservative team in the division. The Rams have converted on 58.8% of those attempts, the 4th highest mark among teams with 10+ attempts.


Points per game by the St. Louis Rams in their seven loses/ties this season. The Rams average 22.3 points in their three wins.


Average number of points scored by the Arizona Cardinals during their current six game losing streak. They have yet to score above 20 points in a loss, the closest being 19 against the Atlanta Falcons last weekend.


Sacks allowed by the Arizona Cardinals in the last three games. That matches the total single game sack count by the St. Louis Rams against the Cards and Kevin Kolb in their last meeting in Week 5, which happens to be the last time that the St. Louis Rams won a game.


100+ yard rushing games for LaRod Stephens-Howling in his last four games as the starter for the Cardinals. He averages 13.3 yards per game in the other six games this season, including an 8 carry, -14 yard rushing performance against the Philadelphia Eagles.


Number of time that St. Louis Rams have scored 20+ points in a win this season. However, they have scored 20+ three times during a loss/tie. 


Average number of field goal made by Greg Zuerlein over the last three games. Zuerlein has only attempts two field games since the team traveled to London to play the New England Patriots. Much of that may come from the Rams recent trend of “going for it” on 4th down once inside the opposing 25 yard line.


Interceptions by the St. Louis Rams defense since playing against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 5. In fact, they have managed only one turnover since that time, which is the longest drought in the NFL. Lindley has yet to throw an interception in the league, although he has only thrown 20 passes in this career.