St. Louis Rams Journal: At Least We Aren’t The Jets?


Say what you want about the loss in Week 11, but the St. Louis Rams are, at least, not as bad as the New York Jets. Their offense and defense combined their efforts to allow 35 points in the 2nd quarter alone this past week against their division rival, Patriots, which is quite the feat. The loss to New England marks the fourth time this season that the Jets have lost by, at least, 20 points, and the second time that New York has lost by 30 points or more. They have won only 4 games this season, with 3 of those coming against teams with a losing record, and are currently tied with the Buffalo Bills for last place in the weak AFC East.

Grantly, they have the same record as the Rams, and have won the head-to-head matchup with St. Louis. However, all signs are pointing down for the Giants’ little brother in New York… way down. Most fans understand when the season is going down the hole, typically marked by paper bags over the head, or slightly less packed stands at home games. However, in New York, everything get dramatized, including the fans outrage! Here is a video of some “disgruntled” fans after the game that is receiving some attention:

I was “lucky” enough to be at that New York Jets game in Week 11, and I saw the fans in the stadium when defeat was imminent. There was no cursing the team, no yelling at players or coaches. It seemed as though everyone in the stands understood the loss, but knew that the team was headed in the right direct, even with a disappointing showing on the field that day. Demand excellence, but not with a harsh tongue, and certainly not at our team as they are headed to the locker room. Cheers to the St. Louis Faithful, because even in defeat… at least we aren’t the New York Jets!