How Will The St. Louis Rams Finish Out The Season: And The Results Are In…


In less than 30 minutes, the St. Louis Rams will kick off against the San Francisco 49ers, in what is likely the most important game of the season for the young team. Should they win, and get some help with some loses from Seattle, Tampa Bay, and a few others, the Rams will in prime possession to potentially sneak into the playoffs. In order to keep those dreams alive, the Rams will have to win, at an absolutely minimum, two more games. So, we asked you, the fans, how you thought the St. Louis Rams season would play out! If you did not get to vote, the question was “With only 5 games remaining in the NFL season, what will the St. Louis Rams’ record look like at the end of the year?” Ramblin’ Fan wanted to give as many option as possible, so here were the choices:

  1. 9-6-1 (5 games, 5 wins)
  2. 8-7-1 (Sweep division, take home 2 more)
  3. 7-8-1(Win over Bills, 2 more somewhere)
  4. 6-9-1 (Sweep?)
  5. 5-10-1 (Snag at least one win)

The margins were slim, but with 27% of the vote, the fans believe that the Rams will finish… 7-8-1 on the season. With 5 games left in the year, there are a number of ways that the team could get there. Buffalo is likely the only game that St. Louis will be the favorite in, but a win over Minnesota, Tampa Bay, or Seattle are all possible. With 7 wins, the Rams would have to hope that the three previously mentioned teams win only 1 of their remaining 5 games, which is not out of the question given their schedules. We at Ramblin’ Fan genuinely believe that the Rams should be in every single game for the rest of the season. However, we have seen over the years that faith and hoping will not cut it! It will be up to the players on the field to keep the team in the playoff hunt, starting with the San Francisco 49ers today.