The St. Louis Rams: Do’s And Don’ts Against The Buffalo Bills


Nov 25, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Buffalo Bills running back Fred Brown (22) runs against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Rams just won the hardest game on their schedule going into week 13. Now the Rams find themselves as a potential playoff contenter heading into Buffalo. Although the Bills aren’t having the year they were hoping for, Rams can’t afford to underestimate any team before the kickoff, especially playing away. The Rams have struggled this season in trying to get the ‘W’ on the road. Not only can’t the Rams lose anymore games on the road, they can’t lose anymore games at all. Is the win possible? Of course, especially given the Rams have a fairly easy run home, but the Rams must take it one game at a time before they can even think of the word ‘playoffs’. For now, all of the Rams focus should solely be on this weeks match up against the Buffalo Bills. So what do the Rams need to do, to make the playoffs a serious possibility?


  • Must take advantage of their banged up offensive line. So far this season, the Bills offensive line has been impressive and are currently ranked fifth for the least sacks given up and 13th for the least quarterback hits. This offensive line is now a completely different unit. The Bills just placed starting offensive tackle Chris Hairston, on the injury reserve with an ankle inury, in addition to losing right tackle Erik Pears to IR just a month ago. Chris Long and Robert Quinn must stand up and break their little sack draught that they are currently facing.
  • The Rams must get their running game going. Throughout the season, the Bills have struggled in stopping the run. Currently the Bills are ranked 30th in total rushing yards against, with an average of 4.9 yards a carry and are ranked 32nd in rushing touchdowns against. Expect Steven Jackson and Daryl Richardson to have a big day together.
  • Must get defensive turnovers. Essentially the Rams offense haven’t been winning the games recently for the Rams. It has been the play making abilities of the players on the Rams defense. Against the San Francisco 49ers, it was the Ram’s defense that carried the team over the line for the win. Expect the Rams offense to have more of an input this week against the Bills, but turnovers are still the key element in winning this game.


  • Don’t allow the Buffalo Bills’ running game to take control. The Bills have a mean running game that can take on any stout defense. They’re ranked fourth for the most rushing yards and most yards a carry. If the Rams allow the Bill’s C.J. Spiller to get going, it will set up the play action and a better passing game.
  • Don’t let penalties take control of the game. Ram fans have seen big plays taken back by a stupid penalty too many times this year. Penalties kill a team’s momentum and can really deflate a defense and offense. The Rams have cut their penalties over the last couple of weeks and it’s no coincidence that the Rams have been winning.
  • Don’t be one dimensional. The Rams must chuck in creative plays straight away, to keep the Bills defense on their toes. If the Rams become to vanilla on offense, the Bills will dominate  straight away and Sam Bradford will be thrown around like a rag doll.

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