St. Louis Rams Historic Day: By The Numbers


The St. Louis Rams huge come from behind win on the road at Buffalo was anything but pretty, but it does include some interesting nuggets and even a historical note for the Rams.

From Elias Sports Bureau: Sam Bradford capped a 14-play drive with a 13-yard touchdown pass to Brandon Gibson with 48 seconds left to give the Rams a 15-12 win at Buffalo. That was the Rams’ longest game-winning, fourth-quarter scoring drive, in terms of plays, since the team moved to St. Louis in 1995. The team’s last fourth-quarter game-winning drive of 14 or more plays happened 25 years ago at Busch Stadium of all places. That was by the Los Angeles Rams against the Cardinals, in their final season in St. Louis. The Rams’ winning drive in that game encompassed 93 yards on 22 plays, including 19 rushing plays, leading to a 20-yard field goal by Mike Lansford.

The Rams also managed to get their first 3 game winning streak since the final three games of 2006, which also happened on the same day that the Browns got their first three game winning streak since their 4 game streak over the final 4 games of the 2009 season ending the two longest droughts in the NFL.  Another interesting note regarding the Rams and Browns is that since the Browns returned to the NFL in 1999 there has only been one other season where both teams had a 3 game win streak and that was 2001.

The Rams 3 game winning streak gives them claim to the second longest winning streak in the division this season.  Believe it or not but the longest winning streak in the division was the 4 game streak the Cardinals started the season on, second is the Rams current streak of 3, followed by Seattle and San Fransisco with 2 games in a row being the best they could muster so far this season.

Danny Amendola is still the Rams leader in receptions and trails Chris Givens by a mere 8 receiving yards even though he has missed 5.5 games this season.  The Rams offense just doesn’t look the same when he isn’t on the field and they will need him at full strength over these final 3 games if the Rams hope to extend their winning streak to 6 and vie for a playoff spot.

One final little nugget, the St. Louis Rams have found themselves on the plus side of the turnover margin over the past 3 games which is a trend they will need to continue on Sunday against the Vikings.  Go Rams!!!