The St.Louis Rams Do’s And Don’ts: Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Dec 9, 2012; Tampa FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet is seen during a game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The season may be over in terms of making the playoffs, but the Rams owe it to themselves to finish the season with a winning record. Regardless of the way the Rams finish off the final two games of the year, this season has definitely been a success and Ram fans should be excited for what the future holds. It would be a shame to see the Rams finish the season with a three game losing streak. It would be deserving of the Rams get over the line at least once in their next two games. This is what the Rams have to do if they are to finish the season strong.


  • Must pass the ball successfully. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the best team in the NFL in stopping the run, only averaging 83.3 yards a game. On the other hand, the Buccaneers rank last in passing defense, allowing 310.6 yards a game. Quarterbacks against the Buccaneers average a staggering 94.7 quarterback rating. The Rams can’t rely on the run to win the game. If the passing game shows up, the running game will follow, because this will allow the play action and the halfback draw to come into play. On obvious running plays, the Rams will be stopped.
  • Every time the Rams get a win, they get a turnover. Turnovers win games. The Rams haven’t won a game without a turnover, but then again not too many teams do. The Rams didn’t get a turnover against the Vikings and they say turnovers come in bunches. Let’s hope this week the Rams can reward their efforts with a couple of turnovers.
  • This is a must every week – the offensive line must protect Sam Bradford. Bradford was knocked to the ground too many times against the Vikings. We all know Bradford can be one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL, if only he can get enough time to get rid of the ball.


  • Don’t allow the fact that the Rams can’t make the playoffs, dampin the intensity that’s required to win a football game. The Rams have had too good of a season to drop off and finish 6-9-1. The Rams are the youngest team in the NFL, so what ever the record at the end of this season is, it is likely to improve in 2013.
  • The Rams are the third most penalized team in the NFL. Rams must be more polished on both offense and defense, if they ever want to see themselves in the playoffs. Penalties have cost the Rams at least two times this season so far and hopefully, it won’t cost them a third.
  • Don’t be one-dimensional. The Rams don’t have the offensive weapons to get away with obvious passing downs consistently and the Buccaneers defense won’t allow Rams to give up too many big plays on the run. This means the Rams can’t find themselves always playing 3rd and long, otherwise they should expect a lot quarterback hits, sacks, incompletions and interceptions.

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