St. Louis Rams In London: The Brooksfieldshire Billygoats?


Although the main focus of the NFL right now appears to be on safety, the league has explicitly stated their desire to expand the National Football League to the international stage. Unlike the NHL, football appears to want to bypass that whole Canadian route and swing straight for a team across the pond. St. Louis got its first taste this season, traveling overseas with the New England Patriots and playing in a “smashing” game… as indicated by the final score.

As a shout out to the idea of the NFL hitting Europe, an artist by the name of David Rappoccio redesigned all of the leagues’ logos to look a little more… British-y. Instead of posting the entire list on here, I will just give the NFC West teams, headed by the new logo for the St. Louis Rams; the Brooksfieldshire Billygoats:

Next, we will move to our next closest rival, the Arizona Cardinals; or, should I say, the Crimson Flighty Birds:

While the new-look Cardinals’ logo might look a tad bit snoody, the redesigned Seattle Seahawks seems much more approachable! Would love to see what the Oregon-of-the-NFL would do with this logo on their new jerseys:

Last, but definitely not least, we have the San Francisco 49ers. Plenty of puns and metaphors ran through my mind when I first saw their new logo, but I will just let you all use your imaginations:

Just for good measure, I might as well throw in my two personal favorites from the London redesign. Ironically, both come from the AFC North (sorry Cleveland)…