What Will The Rams Do With Their First Round Picks?


It’s finally April, the combine is over, and with the majority of pro days also completed, it is time for team’s to start thinking about the players they might take and then narrowing down the list. Teams will begin to move players up and down their draft boards to try and prepare themselves as best they can for draft day.  The Rams don’t have as many needs as they have had in the past which is a good thing. However, they still do have some positions that they do need to address. The Rams will need to address Safety, Wide Receiver, Running Back, Outside Linebacker, and depth in weaker positions. The Rams hold three of the first fifty picks, if they can get it right they could be a scary upcoming team.

Mock Drafts are always hard to do and getting all 32 picks right are just as likely as filling out a perfect bracket during the NCAA March Madness tournament, but here’s what I think the St. Louis Rams should do with their first two picks in the first round at 16 and 22. The Rams are in a good spot at 16 and 22. Teams that pick in the mid-late to late in the first round might try to trade up, so don’t be surprised if the Rams move down once again this year as they did multiple times last year.

With the 16th pick the Rams will probably be looking at trying to get Kenny Vaccaro, Chance Warmack, Cordarrelle Patterson, Tavon Austin, or Alec Ogletree.  You could make a case for all of these players except for maybe Ogletree, to be gone when the Rams pick. In that case it would not surprise me if the Rams tried to trade down. When all is said and done though, the Rams will end up taking . Many have Vaccaro as the top ranked safety in this year’s draft, and some have even him being taken in the top 15. With the risk of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, and Cincinnati Bengals taking the Vacarro before the Rams pick at 22, the Rams are in perfect position to take Vacarro. Austin would also be a good option, but the there are too many teams choosing before the Rams that won’t let Austin slip by them, such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, or Miami Dolphins.  Patterson would also be a good option, but the Rams already have a project in Brian Quick that they would be giving up on if they took Patterson. Patterson could also be taken by the time the Rams pick at 16.  The Rams are pretty slim at the safety position and Vaccaro would be a great addition. The Rams could also draft another safety in the later rounds to add some depth.

With the 22nd pick the Rams could pick Eddie Lacy, DeAndre Hawkins, Keenan Allen, and Alec Ogletree. After a long discussion and taking all the time they have, the Rams take Keenan Allen. There is no secret  that the Rams need a wide receiver after the losses of Brandon Gibson and Danny Amendola, and Allen would make a great replacement. Allen has the ability to be a difference maker right away and has the versatility to play both in the slot and on the outside. The Rams could also take Lacy here as they try to replace Steven Jackson, but they could wait later on to take Marcus Lattimore.

If the Rams ended day one with Vaccaro and Allen as new additions to their roster, they would be in pretty good shape. Vacarro and Allen would be able to start day one and contribute. Vacarro and Allen fill needs for the Rams. If Vacarro and Allen work out, the Rams will have no problem contending for a playoff spot next season.