Ramblin’ Fans’ First Round NFL Mock Draft 2.0


Last week I mentioned that I’m not really into mock drafts. However, they are fun to do. It’s just impossible to predict what a teams is going to actually do. Nobody would have guessed that the Rams would have traded down multiple times in order to choose DT Michael Brockers in the 2012 NFL Draft. There are bound to be unexpected moves like that in this year as well, and the Rams may be a candidate, once again, to move down. However if the Rams do in fact stay at the 16th and 22nd slot, here is how we think it will play out…

In Ramblin’ Fans’ previous mock, we had the Rams taking Kenny Vacarro with the 16th pick.  I’m still not sure Tavon Austin will be available at this spot, but , for the sake of this mock, we will say Austin will be available and the Rams will, in fact, take him. I’m not a huge fan of Austin because of his size. I can see Austin getting concussion after concussion being hit by the physical defenses of the Seahawks and 49ers, which the Rams take on twice a year. Austin did stay healthy in college and he is a playmaker that the Rams desperately need. Austin would be a solid option for the Rams at 16.

Last week, we had the Rams taking

Keenan Allen

with their pick at 22. They could still do this if they don’t get Austin or Patterson at 16, but there is no way that they take two wide receivers in the first round. The Rams have other needs to fill, such as outside linebacker. With that being said, at 22 I think the Rams will take

Alec Ogletree

. The Rams have a void at weak side linebacker and, with the addition of Ogletree, the Rams would have one of the best linebacker corps in the league. Laurinaitis, Dunbar, and Ogletree are a scary threesome at the second level. Ogletree is fast despite his size and would be able to help the Rams run down Kaepernick and Wilson, both of which run some version of the pistol and the option.  The Rams could also take Eddie Lacey, Matt Elam, or Jonathan Cyprien at this spot, but I think they can fill the needs at running back and safety later in the draft and those guys (i.e. more safeties) could still be available when the Rams pick at 46 in the second round.

If the Rams came out of the first round with Austin and Ogletree, it would definitely be considered a successful Day One. These guys could come in and contribute on opening day which is what you want in a first round pick.