Is Brian Quick The Next “Bust” For The Rams?


Last season the Rams drafted a receiver in the second round who they thought would be a mismatch for defenses and become the physical presence that they were missing on the outside. What they got was Brian Quick. Brian Quick looks great on paper being 6’3 220lbs. Other that not having great running coming out of Appalachian State, Brian Quick looked to be that guy the Rams were missing.

Brian Quick showed promise at times, and showed that he has the capability of being that physical presence. Quick was targeted 27 times last season and caught 11 of those for 156 yards and two touchdowns. Snead has been quoted saying that when he saw Quick he was thinking Vincent Jackson. If you compare Jackson’s rookie stats with Quick’s, Quick actually had a better rookie season. Jackson had three receptions for 59 yards and no touchdowns.

Many don’t think Quick is the guy that the Rams thought he was, and don’t think that he can be successful in this league and are already labeling him as a bust. The fact of the matter is the Rams knew exactly what they were getting themselves into with Quick. They knew he was a raw talent, but they also knew that he had a high potential. Quick showed flashes of that potential last season. On Quick’s two scores, he showed what he can do. Quick scored against the 49ers after winning the battle at the line of scrimmage and pushing CB Chris Culliver down to the ground and then winning the race to the end zone. When Quick scored on a fade route in the end zone against the Vikings, he won the physical battle in the end zone and made an acrobatic catch.

There were times last season where Quick was so close to making a big play for the Rams, and there were times where he left you wondering why the Rams took him in the second round. He needs to fix the little things and get all the little details right. Another year in the same system, having a year already under his belt, and getting more reps will help Quick.  This is why I don’t think the Rams will, or should go after Cordarrelle Patterson and will wait until the second or third round to grab a wide receiver. Taking Patterson would put the Rams in a similar situation that they are already in with Quick, and would be basically saying that they are giving up on Quick. Expect good things and improvement from Quick this season. If Quick has another season like he had last season, then maybe it is time to move on, but until then, you have to give the guy a chance.  After all the Rams did take Brian Quick in the second round for a reason, he deserves a chance.