2013 Schedule To Be Released On Thursday


It’s finally that time of year. Things are finally beginning to pick up in the NFL off season. It has been overall pretty quiet since free agency and by now everyone is just about tired of reading who their team is going to pick, and just ready for the team to run up to the podium and listen to Roger Goodell read the card. However, that time is still a week away and the NFL is finally going to release there schedule to keep their restless fans from going insane.

The schedule for the preseason is already set and if you weren’t aware or didn’t necessarily care at the time, here is the Rams’ preseason schedule.

Week 1-@ Cleveland Browns

Week 2-vs Green Bay Packers

Week 3- @ Denver Broncos

Week 4- vs Baltimore Ravens

Just in case you were wondering the Rams’ regular season schedule doesn’t get any easier after the preseason. Green Bay, Denver, and Baltimore is a brutal preseason schedule, and don’t forget the Browns who are a rising team and hungry to win. Thank goodness it is only the preseason and doesn’t matter. However, the Rams once again will have one of the toughest schedules in the league.

The Rams schedule includes:

Home: Arizona, San Fransisco, Seattle, Jacksonville, Tennessee, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Chicago

Away: Arizona, San Fransisco, Seattle, Houston, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Carolina, Dallas

An interesting game that immediately stands out is against Atlanta on the road, the first time Steven Jackson will play against his old team. Ramblin’ Fan will be sure to keep you updated as the order of the opponents becomes available on Thursday. Until then stay tuned.