Remembering Pat Summerall


It’s probably one of the worst memories of Rams fans everywhere. Adam Vinatari is lining up to kick the game-winning 48 yard field goal. Every Rams fan hoped that the kick went wide right or in some way, shape, or form missed, but eventually reality set in and the realization that the Rams had lost Super Bowl 36 to the New England Patriots finally set in. Since then the Rams have struggled and made the playoffs only twice. On the air on that day were two of football’s broadcasting greats, John Madden and Pat Summerall.

The league was saddened to hear that Pat Summerall had died of cardiac arrest yesterday at the age of 82. Jerry Jones later referred to Summerall as “royalty in the broadcast booth” while Madden called him “a great broadcaster and a great man”, while adding that “Pat Summerall is the voice of football and always will be.”

Summerall also played in the NFL as a placekicker and took part in the 1958 NFL championship game, which is considered the greatest game of all time. Summerall made the first points of the game by kicking a 36 yard field goal to put the Giants on the board. Summerall later kicked an extra point.

Summerall went on to Broadcasting in 1962 when he debuted with CBS doing Giants games. While at CBS Summerall broadcasted the Master’s golf tournament as well as the US Open tennis tournament. Summerall then went on to do broadcasting for FOX where he was paired with John Madden. Summerall also did some Broadcasting for ESPN doing a few regular season games as well as preseason games. Summerall officially retired in 2002, but always found his way back into the broadcasting booth doing a game here and there. Summerall broadcasted 16 Super Bowls,  which is more than any other announcer. Summerall also was the broadcaster when Emmit Smith broke Walter Peyton’s career rushing yard record.

The NFL lost a true great yesterday that will be dearly missed. As a fan I remember listening to Summerall on TV and always enjoyed his broadcasts. Summerall will be missed not only by the people close to him in the NFL, but by fans as well. Rest in piece Pat Summerall.