St. Louis Rams: Road To The Playoffs


The schedule came out yesterday and fans everywhere are already trying to predict how there team is going to do this season. However, it is almost ridiculous to do predictions before the draft. I usually wait until  the weekend after the draft to go though the league schedule and put together my full season predictions, and even that is a little early. They are fun to do, but you never know what can happen in the NFL with injuries and trades and things of that nature.

The Rams have the fourth toughest schedule, and play in arguably the toughest division in the NFL. The Rams had a promising 2012 campaign, and as of now they have added some good players to their roster. With the draft coming up this team is only going to get better. Rams fans are expecting the team to make the playoffs or at least make a strong run at them. It is going to be tough but it can be done.

I don’t see a game on the Rams schedule that you can mark down as a loss like many games in previous years. However, I don’t see many games, if any, that you can right away mark down as a win. All of the games this season for the Rams are going to come down to the 4th quarter and the fate of the Rams season is going to depend on them showing up in the 4th quarter and winning the game. Better start growing your finger nails now, because all of the games this season are going to be nail-biters.

In order for the Rams to make the playoffs, they are going to have to start off strong. Beating the Cardinals in the opener is a must-win. The Rams are the better team, but they cant take the Cardinals lightly. The Rams will also have to be able to win on the road. The Rams struggled winning on the road for much of last season and in order to make the playoffs they will have to be able to beat teams like Dallas, Carolina, Indianapolis, and Arizona on the road. It would be a plus if the Rams could beat Houston or San Francisco on the road as well. Good teams play well at home and on the road. If the Rams want to take the next step, they will have to be able to win on the road.

It is also absolutely crucial that the Rams protect their home turf. There have been times the last couple of years that the Rams have been embarrassing at home. This is not the same old Rams however, and with that said they must be able to win at home especially against teams in their division. If the Rams can beat their division opponents at home and then beat Jacksonville, Tennessee, Chicago, and Tampa Bay, the Rams would be in good shape.

It is also important that the Rams have a good division record once again. Last season the Rams went 4-1-1 in the division, but don’t expect that again.The 49ers will be prepared this time around and will want to get revenge so to speak. The Rams wont be sneaking up on anybody in the division this year. The Rams have gained some respect in the division as Russell Wilson has been quoted saying he wouldn’t be surprised if three teams in the NFC west made the playoffs. You can almost guarantee he had the third team being the Rams.  If the Rams can win all their division games at home and then win at least one of their division games on the road, the Rams would be in a great position.

The Rams are moving in the right direction, and if the Rams can do these things, plus have a good draft and stay healthy, the playoffs will be within reach. The Rams could be the surprise team in 2013 and sneak their way into the playoffs for the first time since 2004, ending their playoff drought. The Rams could very well be on the road to the playoffs.