My Dream First Round Picks For The St. Louis Rams


Hello Ramblin’ Fan readers, I am your former writer from the 2011-2012 offseason. I have been recently looking at mock drafts and studying each player that is on the Rams radar. After all my studying of our potential prospects tapes, I decided to tell you guys my dream draft for the Rams in the first round.

To Begin With, I hope “Snish” (Fisher and Snead) selects Tavon Austin, Wide Receiver, West Virginia with our 16th pick. Which I don’t believe will happen at 16 because several teams want to jump up in front of the Rams and take him. If that happens, it will make me so infuriated on Thursday. The Rams really need Tavon after losing our slot receiver, Danny Amendola, to the New England Patriots. Then we have Brian Quick who can play on the outside and Chris Givens, who burned Richard Sherman. The Rams also have Jared Cook at TE; he can make safeties move back instead of constantly playing up. While Cook is doing that who will be in the slot taking advantage? Tavon Austin… or T.J Moe

Weaknesses via Limited to the slot on most plays, lacks size and strength and most scouts prefer outside receivers (good for the Rams we don’t need one), and will have to lower his shoulder in the NFL; possibly getting hurt.

Strengths via Elite speed ran a 4.21 unofficial, excellent vision after the catch, plays tough even though he lacks in size, can find space because of size as a kick returner. Has great hands had very few drops this season.

Overall grade: 91.4

With the 22nd Pick in the NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams select… Matt Elam, Safety, Florida. I live in Florida and watch the Gators play, every Saturday. One player on that defense 2012 that I like the most from is entering the NFL draft. Obviously you know who that is, it’s Matt Elam. He may be a little smaller to play at safety in the NFL at 5 ft 10, but analyst said the same thing in 2010 about Earl Thomas. Now look at Earl Thomas, he has had so much success the past few years, which I hate so much and hope it doesn’t happen in 2013. This would be a great pick for the Rams at 22, unless CYP is available.

Weaknesses via Would rather drift laterally against the Run, could be more aggressive (really? He makes so many hard hits) and waits on screens instead of attacking the ball when thrown.

Strengths via Plays very well in the box or line of scrimmage, can cover slot corners (He’s 5 foot 10 that’s why) and plays the ball in the aggressively. (They just said he can be more aggressive, shake my head.)

Overall grade: 80.2

So that’s it, I hope you enjoyed my dream first round picks for the St. Louis Rams. GO RAMS!