Are The Rams Interested in DeAndre Hopkins?


The Rams not only had DeAndre Hopkins in for one workout on Friday, but brought him in for a second workout on Monday. What mad the second workout even more special was that Fisher and Schottenheimer were both on hand at the workout. This is the second time the sides have met, which means the Rams obviously have some level of interest in Hopkins. With Patterson and Austin possibly being off the board at 16, Hopkins would be a solid third option.

Hopkins had 82 receptions for 1405 yards and 18 receiving touchdowns in his last year at Clemson. Hopkins had over 100 yards in receiving in 6 of Clemson’s games including one against LSU. Hopkins also had at least one touchdown in 12 of the 13 games and had multiple touchdowns in four of them including against LSU in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. Hopkins is a guy that can get in the end zone and makes plays as a wide receiver catching the football.

Hopkins is arguably the most pro-ready receiver in this year’s draft and would be able to contribute right away. Hopkins is the receiver that Sam Bradford needs and the one that he has been asking for. Hopkins is that kind of receiver that you can throw it in his general direction and he will go get up and get it. Hopkins presents good speed to create separation and has great explosion coming off the line of scrimmage. He is a physical receiver that isn’t afraid to take a hit, but still has the agility to avoid defenders in open space. He is an effective run blocker as well, and best of all he is consistent and is always getting better, This guy fits the mold for what the Rams need playing in the NFC West. Rams fans should be excited it the Rams were to jump on Hopkins at 22.

Hopkins is considered small for an outside receiver and occasionally tries to make a move before he catches the ball. Hopkins needs to get down the little things and he will be successful in the NFL. No player comes into the NFL perfect. Hopkins also recently had some off the field issues as he is being accused of trashing his hotel room at the NFL Combine. The Rams have proved however that they aren’t afraid to take players with off the field issues as they chose Janoris Jenkins in the second round of last year’s draft.

If the Rams took Hopkins, he would definitely be a solid option at wide receiver for them and Sam Bradford would be jumping for joy because he would finally have a receiver who is able to threated opposing defenses.  The Rams could take Hopkins at 22 or possibly trade down fro 16 or even trade down from 22 in order to get him. It will be interesting to see what moves the Rams make.