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2013 NFL Draft Day One Recap


The 2013 NFL draft was anticipated to be one of the more exciting drafts in recent years, and exciting it was to say the very least. The Rams were very active trading as many had expected. The Rams surprised some experts by trading up from 16 to 8 with the Buffalo Bills. The Rams then traded down from 22 to 30. The Rams will not have a second round pick tomorrow.

The Rams were not expected by many to trade up in the first round, but that’s exactly what they did. The Rams traded up to number eight from 16 to take wide receiver Tavon Austin which fills a huge hole at wide receiver after the losses of Brandon Gibson and Danny Amendola. Austin will more than likely take over the slot and take responsibility for punt returns. Austin could very well be a more an upgrade and a more durable Danny Amendola, The move the Rams made disappointed those who were on Team Patterson, but made those who were on Team Austin very pleased with the Rams front office who really liked what they saw from Tavon Austin. The Rams did give up a lot to take the playmaker Austin, but if Austin works out, it will all be worth it.

The Rams then traded again when they were on the clock at 22. The Rams traded with the Atlanta Falcons to move from 22 to 30. It would all work however, as the Rams ended up getting the player they wanted anyway, Alec Ogletree. Alec Ogletree could make the Rams front seven one of the best in the league. Ogletree has some off the field issues, but so did Janoris Jenkins last season.

Side notes from day one include the Raiders trading the third overall pick to the Miami Dolphins who took Dion Jordan. The Bills surprised a lot of people by taking QB EJ Manuel at 16 and not Geno Smith or Ryan Nassib. Smith ended up sliding all the way out of the first round along with LB Mani Te’o. EJ Manuel was the only QB selected in the first round. The Cowboys traded the 18th pick to the 49ers who took  Eric Reid. The Vikings ended up with three first round picks by trading back into the first round with the Patriots at 29. The Vikings have dominated the draft so far, but they gave up a 2,3,4, and 7 to pick at 29 and take Cordarrelle Patterson.

The Rams do not have a pick in the second round due to the Tavon Austin trade which is disappointing as there is a lot of talent in the second round. Overall however, the Rams ended up doing pretty good in the first round. They arguably selected players that were the best at their position. The Rams got good value but also filled needs which is the perfect formula for a good draft. Tonight was a good night to be a Rams fan. The days of boring drafts are over. The Rams have started the draft strong, and if the Rams can keep the draft going the way that they are, they will end up with some solid prospects once again. Day 2 of the draft begins at 6:30 ET