St. Louis Rams Undrafted Free Agent Signings


After every draft there are always those players that do not get drafted and end up disappointed. However, their dreams of going to the NFL aren’t always over if their name doesn’t get called. Teams still have the opportunity to sign players that managed to slip through the seven rounds of the draft. Last season’s group of undrafted free agents for the Rams included Johnny Hekker, Austin Davis, and Matt Daniels. Hekker did wonders as the Rams punter last season, and as of now Daniels is the starting safety. The Rams have also given Davis the nod as backup quarterback. The Rams have signed nine undrafted free agents at this point, but could always add more, here is the list as of now:

1.Brett Baer, K, Lousiana Lafayette

2.Braden Brown, OT, BYU

3.Benny Cunningham, RB, Middle Tennessee State

4.Cody Davis, S, Texas Tech

5.Michael Gillard, MLB, Georgia

6.Philip Lutzenkirchen, TE, Auburn

7.Graham Pocic, OL, Illinois

8.Gerald Rivers, DE, Ole Miss

9.Philip Steward, LB, Houston

It’s interesting that the Rams brought in a kicker. It cant be because the coaches don’t have faith in Zurlein, because you know they do. More than likely it was to bring in some competition for Zurlein. It cant hurt. Philip Lutzenkirchen is also an interesting choice that could end up making the practice squad.  Lutzenkirchen  is 6’5 and played on Auburn’s National Championship team. The Rams also brought in a running back, another safety and a few offensive lineman along with some linebackers possibly to add depth or hope one of them is a diamond in the rough. Who knows, you could end up with the next Arian Foster.