2013 St. Louis Rams’ Game-By-Game Predictions


The Rams had another great draft this year and have left fans more excited than ever for the season to begin. No more maybe we can win this game or maybe we can win that game. This year the question is, can the Rams win the division. The Rams had a strong 2012 season and with a few really nice additions in Jake Long, Jared Cook, Tavon Austin, and Alec Ogletree, the Rams look to compete for the division and a playoff spot this season. I took a look at the Rams schedule and after analyzing it for a few hours, I came to the conclusion that these goals are possible. Here is how I see the 2013 Rams season playing out.

Week 1: Arizona Cardinals

The last time the Rams won a home opener in week 1 was in 2006 when they beat the Denver Broncos 18-10. Since then the Rams have been 0-3 in week 1 home openers. This time is different however, The Rams won their opener last season when the defeated the Washington Redskins 31-28. This time the Rams play the Arizona Cardinals who they swept last season. The Cardinals have added some offensive lineman to help keep their quarterback upright. as well as adding a new quarterback, Carson Palmer. This game is close, but I think the Rams are overall the better team and pull away in the 4th quarter. The Cardinals make a comeback effort that falls just short. The Rams begin the season 1-0. Rams 20, Cardinals 17

Week 2: @Atlanta Falcons

The Rams are 1-0 and the Falcons I have are 0-1 and just lost to the Saints week 1. This is the Falcons home opener and if it’s one place Matt Ryan just doesn’t lose very often it’s at home. Falcons cant afford to go 0-2 this early in the season. This game will be close, but I don’t think the Rams are there just yet. If this game was in St. Louis, the result might be different, but I don’t see the Rams beating the Falcons on the road. Through week 2 the Rams are 1-1 . Rams 17, Falcons 28

Week 3: @Dallas Cowboys

The Rams have another tough game on the road against the Dallas Cowboys. There aren’t very many must win games in week 3, but if there ever was one, this is it. This game could have huge playoff implications later on in the season. The Cowboys don’t have a very good offensive line and I see Chris Long and company having a good day with the Cowboys offense struggling. This will be yet another close one for the Rams, but we all know the Cowboys don’t do that well under pressure. Rams get the important win and are back above .500 at 2-1. Rams 24, Cowboys 16

Week 4: San Francisco 49ers

The Rams are back at home and this time it’s under the lights on primetime Thursday night against the division rival San Fransisco 49ers. The Rams didn’t lose to the 49ers last season, and both games were close and exciting to say the least. This one will be no different. This game is also very important if the Rams want to contend for the division and a playoff spot. The only reason I’m giving this one to the Rams is because the dome will be packed, giving the Rams a slight home field advantage. Harbaugh and co. go 0-2-1 against Fisher and co. and Rams win two in a row becoming 3-1. Rams 17, 49ers 16

Week 5: Jacksonville Jaguars

The Rams finally get a break after three tough weeks in a row. Don’t write the Jaguars off however. Justin Blackmon and Maurice Jones-Drew are both studs and always come ready to play. The Rams also had times last season where they played down to the competition and ended up losing games they shouldn’t have i.e. the Jets, Dolphins, and Vikings. The Rams also snuck one out against the Bills. I don’t see that being the case this year as the Rams have grown since last season. Rams win this one easily and now officially have a win streak going at 4-1. Rams 34, Jaguars 13

Week 6: @Houston Texans

This will be a tough one for the Rams and the Texans always play well at home. The Rams may keep it close and may even surprise people and win this game, but I just don’t see it happening. The three game win streak comes to an end in Houston and the Rams are now 4-2. Rams 16, Texans 27

Week 7: @Carolina Panthers

The Rams have another tough game on the road against the Carolina Panthers. This game is very important for the Rams and very well could be the difference of making the playoffs or not. The Rams are overall the better team and pull this one out in the end. Rams are 5-2 through 7 weeks. Rams 24, Panthers 21

Week 8: Seattle Seahawks

This is the Rams second primetime game and this one will be on Monday Night Football. The Rams got lucky in a sense that both of their primetime games are at home. Jeff Fisher will have his team ready to play and will let the whole country know that the Rams are for real. Rams have the advantage because they are at home and the Rams have beaten the Seahawks 2 out of the last 3 times in the dome. Rams pull out an exciting show on Monday Night Football and become 6-2 halfway through the season. Rams 16, Seahawks 13 F/OT

Week 9: Tennessee Titans

Jeff Fisher’s old team will be visiting the Dome and Fisher will make the Titans regret letting him go. Rams are by far the better team and will dominate though four quarters. Rams keep surprising and once again have a three game win streak becoming 7-2. Rams 31, Titans 17

Week 10: @Indianapolis Colts

This one will be tough for the Rams as they will be on the road against a good Colts team. I really want to give the Rams the win here, but I just don’t think the Rams pull it out. Rams miss out on some opportunities and get a wake up call in Indy. The Rams three game win streak comes to an end for the second time in the season. Rams go into their bye week at 7-3 Rams 16, Colts 20

Week 11: BYE

Rams are in good shape headed at the bye week at 7-3. They get a much needed time and get time to work out the kinks and get healthy late in the season to make a run for the playoffs. Rams have some important games coming up against the Bears, 49ers, Cardinals, Saints, Buccaneers and Seahawks. Rams play three of their final six and two of their final three games at home which will be helpful. Also the remaining of their games are against NFC opponents making every game important. The Rams need to be ready to play.

Week 12: Chicago Bears

Rams begin their run to the playoffs against the Chicago Bears. The Rams got blown out by Chicago 23-6 last season, but the Rams have improved since then and the Bears have gone through a coaching change. The Brian Urlacher era is now over in Chicago. This one is close, but with the Rams playing well the dome is packed, and the Rams for the first time in a while actually have home field advantage. Rams begin their playoff run on a good note becoming 8-3 Rams 20, Bears 19

Week 13: @San Francisco 49ers

These division games are hard to choose, because literally you could flip a coin to determine the winner, and you still never know if the coin is going to land standing up. 49ers finally get their win against St. Louis in two years. Rams go 8-4 Rams 20, 49ers 23 F/OT

Week 14: @Arizona Cardinals

Another tough, physical division game for the Rams, but again the Rams are just the better, more talented team than the Cardinals. Rams sweep the Cardinals for the second straight year moving closer to the playoffs at 9-4. Rams 23 Cardinals 16

Week 15: New Orleans Saints

Did anyone notice that up to this point the Rams are undefeated at home. The Rams play old NFC West division rival New Orleans Saints. My first NFL game that I went to was actually a Rams VS Saints game in St. Louis. My dad was a Saints fan and I was a Rams fan. Kurt and company got ahead early 28-3, but Saints found a way to come back and win 34-31. My dad got bragging rights that day. The Rams have struggled ever since really, and the Saints have gone on to win a Super Bowl. However, the last time the teams played the Rams got one of their two wins against the Saints with AJ Feely taking the snaps. It just so happened that the game was in St. Louis as well. This game is going to be close and could go either way, but in the end I cant see the Rams losing. This game will have major playoff implications, whoever wins will have a tiebreaker over the other. Rams win and move to 10-4 and I get bregging rights over my dad. Rams 27, Saints 24

Week 16: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is another game that could have playoff implications and give one team a tiebreaker over the other. Rams beat Tampa Bay last season in Tampa Bay and I don’t see this one going any differently. Josh Freeman has another frustrating day, if he is still the quarterback at this point in the season. Rams move to 11-4 and clinch a playoff spot for the first time since 2004. Rams 21, Buccaneers 16

Week 17: @Seattle Seahawks

For the third time in four years the Rams finish out the year in Seattle. This game could mean who gets what wild card spot or who wins the division. The game in my mind will be played on Sunday Night Football, last game of the season. Seattle is a tough place to play and Seattle always plays well at home Sam Bradford goes 0-4 in Seattle, but the Rams are in the playoffs and finish with more than 10 wins for the first time in more than a decade.Rams finish season 11-5. Rams 16 Seahawks 19

Wild Card Weekend: @Washington Redskins

The Rams will meet RGIII and the Redskins in the first round. St. Louis played Washington last year and won 31-28, but a lot has changed since then. Jeff Fisher has his team ready to play and the Rams shock everybody, shutting down the read-option, proving that trading away the RGIII pick was the right decisions, and winning there first playoff game in what seems like forever. Greg Zurlein kicks the game winning field goal in overtime. Rams 26, Redskins 23

Divisional Weekend:@San Francisco 49ers

This matchup could not have worked better for the St. Louis Rams. They get the 49ers, a team they are familiar with, in the playoffs coming off of a bye week. It is proven that teams coming earning the bye week in the playoffs can come back to hurt them. The 49ers learn that here. St. Louis shocks the world once again. Moving on to the NFC Championship game for the first time since they went to the Super Bowl back in 2001. GZ kicks the Rams to victory once again. Rams 23, 49ers 20 F/OT

Championship Weekend: @Green Bay Packers

Rams will be playing the Green Bay Packers in the championship round of the playoffs. It will be January and it will be cold. This will be a close, physical game, but the Packers come out on top and the story book ending ends here. Rams put up a valiant effort, but the Packers just prove to be too much. Rams 16, Packers 27

Team MVP: Sam Bradford

Team ROY: Tavon Austin

Pro Bowlers: Janoris Jenkins, Chris Long, James Laurinaitis, Jared Cook, Jake Long

A lot of people may find it almost impossible that the Rams make the Conference championship game, however there is clearly a case to be made. Season predictions are pointless and very rarely ever become reality. However, we at Ramblin’ Fan strongly believe the Rams do make the playoffs and could very likely make some noise. Either way when the season is over, Rams’fans everywhere will be happy.