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Rams May Want To Consider Going In Another Direction If Bradford Doesn’t Perform


In the 2013 NFL Draft the Rams selected the most electrifying player in the draft, Tavon Austin, and then selected teammate Stedman Bailey in the third round. Together, Austin and Bailey made it possible for West Virginia to have possibly the most exciting offense in college football. Nobody was more happy than Sam Bradford that the Rams selected these playmakers. However, with these new acquired playmakers it is expected that Bradford takes the next step and becomes what the Rams drafted him to be, a star. If Bradford doesn’t perform and flops under pressure, the Rams may just want head in a different direction.

Bradford doesn’t necessarily have to lead the Rams to the playoffs this season, but a winning record and at least getting close to the playoffs has to be the minimum for Bradford’s season to be considered a success. However, if Bradford were to have another season like he had in 2011, the Rams front office just may consider bringing in some competition for Bradford. The 2014 NFL Draft is coming up after this season, and if Bradford folds under the pressure that this season brings, Johnny Manziel, the first freshman to win the Heisman, could be available if the Rams were to have yet another high draft pick.

The Rams proved in the 2012 draft that they had faith in Sam Bradford by basically trading away RGIII. If Bradford were to have a bad year like he did in 2011, the Rams should consider choosing Manziel and let the two Heisman Trophy winners compete for the starting job. Manziel would add a whole other dimension to the offense, and could possibly turn out to be better than Bradford.

Johnny Manziel is by far the better athlete than Sam Bradford. Manziel rushed for 1,409 yards and 21 touchdowns. Remember this is a QUARTERBACK.  The Rams would be able to do so much more with the offense, and would be able to join the running quarterback club in the NFC West. When the play breaks down, this kid can make plays with his legs, much like the RGIII’s, Colin Kaepernick’s, and Russell Wilson’s of the league, except better.

Manziel isn’t all about his legs however. He also can throw the ball pretty darn well. Manziel threw the ball for 3,706 yards and 26TD with only 9INT with a completion percentage of 68%. He also picked apart an Alabama defense that was without a doubt the best in college football throwing for 253 yards and 2TD with no INT. Just a side note, that game was played in Alabama. Not every quarterback put up those kind of numbers against Alabama especially at home. Manziel’s only losses last year came against LSU and Florida which are two very good teams.

Could you imagine having Johnny Manziel and Tavon Austin on the same team. The Rams offense would have speed at every key position. The defense would have to have a defense full of Usain Bolts in order to catch anybody. The offense would have the potential of becoming the Greatest Show On Turf round 2. What Manziel would bring to this offense cannot be said enough.

I am not saying that the Rams should give up on Sam Bradford, and I am a huge Sam Bradford fan. I’ve like the guy since he got to town. It may be unfair to evaluate Bradford on this one season when he finally has some weapons, but unfortunately that is the case. I think Bradford has the potential to be a great quarterback. It is said that great players make the players around them better. Bradford has done just that. Bradford could possibly be the reason Danny Amendola got his pay day in New England. Before St. Louis Amendola was having difficulty making practice squads. Brandon Gibson also got a pay day going to Miami possibly because of Bradford.

The Rams probably wont take Manziel unless Bradford starts playing like Mark Sanchez. However if Bradford struggles, the Rams should bring in some competition other than Austin Davis. Other players the Rams could take if the Rams ended up with a high draft pick are WR’s Marquise Lee and Sammy Watkins who would finally be true number one receivers for Bradford. I wouldn’t expect the Rams to do bad enough to get a high enough draft pick and I wouldn’t put any money on the Redskins getting a high draft pick either. I fully expect Bradford to have another career year this season, but if he has another career worst season, the Rams may want to consider going in another direction.