What If The St.Louis Rams Drafted RGIII?

Apr 26, 2012; New York, NY, USA; Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III is introduced as the second overall pick by the Washington Redskins in the 2012 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 26, 2012; New York, NY, USA; Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III is introduced as the second overall pick by the Washington Redskins in the 2012 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports /

All Ram fans have had the discussion/argument/debate with their friends about why the Rams did not draft Robert Griffin III. It leaves us Ram fans agitated, angry and frustrated, simply because deep down it’s hard to ignore what RGIII has done for the Washington Redskins. After coming off a sophmore slump, Sam Bradford was unfairly put under the spotlight due to the injuries on the offensive line, receiving corps and most importantly to himself. Coming out of the 2011 season, Bradford had thrown to over 30 different wide receivers, seen completely new faces on the offensive line on a weekly basis and was in an offensive scheme that was set up for disaster. After coming off a strong 2010 season, the Rams found themselves back amongst the worst of the NFL teams. The aftermath of the 2011 season saw a complete wipeout of staff, including the head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and general manager. It was a mess. Then came along experienced head coach Jeff Fisher and General Manager, Les Snead. Sam Bradford could only watch all the changes unfold around him, although Jeff Fisher and Les Snead were personalities that he will eventually get to know fairly well. One of the main reasons why Les Snead and Jeff Fisher were attracted to the Rams organization was Sam Bradford’s talent. They realized what Bradford had been working with, which wasn’t much, and still believed that he had plenty more to offer. But what if they came to St.Louis because the Rams were holding the second pick, and with that pick they were able to acquire Robert Griffin III?

What Happens to Sam Bradford?
Leading up to the 2010 NFL draft the St. Louis Rams were holding the number one pick, which they obviously used to pick up Sam Bradford. The teams at four and seven were Washington Redskins and Cleveland Browns who were praying that Sam Bradford would fall into their hands. So when there was the slightest chance that Rams may have taken RGIII, don’t you think Bradford was on Redskins and Browns radar? Absolutely. On top of that, there was the history between the Browns head coach, Pat Shurmur and Bradford. Shurmur was the Rams’ offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach when Bradford was drafted, and the two shared a great season together before Shurmur was called up for a head coaching role in Cleveland. Lets say Browns have the upper hand with the obvious connection between Bradford and Shurmur and offer their fourth and 22nd (from Atlanta) overall picks in the 2012 NFL draft.

2nd Pick (2012)
Robert Griffin III…..Duh

4th Pick (2012)
Going into every season for the last five years, it felt like the names that were at the wide receiver position were either washed up veterans or training camp names. It had been the major issue, until now. With the fourth overall pick in the 2012 NFL (hypothetical) draft, the St.louis Rams select Justin Blackmon (actual 5), wide receiver, Oklahoma State University.
When the Rams actually missed out on Justin Blackmon, it was reported that Jeff Fisher slammed his reading glasses on the table. So to say that the Rams were disappointed in missing out on this player would be an understatement. With Blackmon having a slow start to the 2012 season, he quickly gained momentum and ended up with 64 catches for 865 yards and five touchdowns. Remember Blaine Gabbert was throwing to him. I’m not going to waste my time predicting the stats he may have received with RGIII under center, but it would be hard to argue that his stats would’ve been better.

22nd Pick (2012)
The Rams have added extra weapons on offense with RGIII and Justin Blackmon. Isn’t time for the Rams to address needs on the other side of the ball? We all knew it was obvious that the Chicago Bears were hoping that Michael Brockers would fall into their laps in the draft, but instead he was stolen by the Rams with the 14th pick which left the Bears to settle with defensive end Shea McClellin. But not this time, as Brockers falls to the Bears at 19. We all knew at the time that Steven Jackson wasn’t going to be running around Edward Jones Dome for much longer, which is why with the 22nd overall pick in the 2012 NFL (hypothetical) draft, the Rams select Doug Martin (actual 31), running back, Boise State. This is a perfect pick for the Rams, as Martin would be Jackson’s successor in the future and Jackson could act as a mentor to Martin.

Round 2, 33rd pick (2012)
This is a no brainer. With the offense being addressed heavily in the first round, it’s finally time to bring in a defensive player. With 33rd pick of the 2012 NFL (hypothetical) draft, the St.Louis Rams select Janoris Jenkins. We all know Brian Quick was the actual selection, but since Rams drafted Justin Blackmon in the first round it was time to select a defensive playmaker. We all know how Jenkins turned out for the Rams.

The rest of the draft wasn’t affected:
Round 3 – Trumaine Johnson (Cornerback)
Round 4 – Chris Givens (Wide Receiver)
Round 5 – Rokevious Watkins (Guard)
Round 6 – Greg Zuerlein (Kicker)
Round 7 – Daryl Richardson (Running Back)


Round 1, 16th pick (2013)
Since the Rams offense played extremely well with RGIII under center, Steven Jackson and Doug Martin sharing the load and Chris Givens and Justin Blackmon looking like a dynamic rookie duo, it was time the Rams drafted a defensive player. With the Rams missing out on defensive tackle Michael Brockers in the 2012 (hypothetical) draft, this time in the 2013 (hypothetical) draft the Rams select Shariff Floyd (actual 25th), defensive tackle.

Round 2, 46th pick (2013)
Since the Rams didn’t have the ammunition to go up and snatch Tavon Austin, they find themselves still having a second round pick. The Rams actually had the 30th pick from the RGIII trade and selected outside linebacker Alec Ogletree. Consequently, since the 30th pick no longer belongs to the Rams, they must address the outside linebacker position. Assuming Ogletree would’ve been off the board by the 46th pick, the Rams (hypothetically) select Arthur Brown (actual 56), outside linebacker.

The rest of the draft wasn’t affected:
Round 3 – T.J. McDonald (Safety)
Round 3- Stedman Bailey  (Wide Receiver)
Round 4 – Barret Jones(Guard)
Round 5 – Zac Stacey  (Running Back)
Round 5 – Brandon McGee (Corner Back)


Starting Defence (going into the 2013 season)
Cornerbacks: Cortland Finnegan/Janoris Jenkins
Safeties: T.J. McDonald/Darian Stewart
Linebackers: Jo-Lonn Dunbar/James Laurinaitus/Arther Brown
Defensive Tackles: Shariff Floyd/Kendall Langford
Defensive Ends: Robert Quinn/Chris Long

Starting Offense (going into the 2013 season)
Wide Receivers: Justin Blackmon/Chris Givens
Tight Ends: Mike McNeil
Running Back: Doug Martin
Full Back: Lance Kendricks
Offensive line: Roger Saffold (LT) Rokevious Watkins (Guard) Scott Wells (Center) Harvey Dahl (Guard) Joe Barksdale (RT)
Quarterback: Robert Griffin III


The truth is, the Rams could never get rid of Sam Bradford because it would’ve been too much of a cap hit until the 2015 season. This is why tight end Jarred Cook and tackle Jake Long are not Rams in this situation, simply because the Rams didn’t have the cap space to lure him in. Although keeping Bradford has it’s ups and downs, it would have very much the same if we drafted RGIII. No matter which side of the argument you prefer, you’re now more knowledgeable going into the “why didn’t Rams draft RGIII?” debate.

Who would you prefer?

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