Will Stedman Bailey Beat Out Brian Quick On The Outside?


Last season the Rams drafted a raw talent wide receiver out of Appalachian State named Brian Quick in the second round. Snead and Fisher saw a lot of talent and potential in Brian Quick, but knew he had some learning and developing to do before he could contribute in a large role. Quick contributed in a small role last season getting a few snaps here and there and had some success in that role grabbing 11 receptions for 156 yards and two touchdowns. As of right now Quick has the starting job as the number two receiver on the outside across from Chris Givens. However, the Rams drafted a guy by the name of Stedman Bailey in this year’s draft in the third round who could just overtake him.

Both players had respectable college careers. Quick reeled in 202 receptions for 3418 yards and 31 touchdowns, while Bailey had 210 receptions for 3218 and 41 touchdowns. While it looks like Brian Quick had more yards than Bailey, Bailey only played three years at the college level rather than four like Quick. Bailey piled up about the same amount of yards and receptions, but had 10 more touchdowns having one less year at the college level than Quick. Bailey was also playing against much higher level of competition.

If Brian Quick doesn’t show in training camp that he has made some sort of improvement, Stedman Bailey very well could replace Quick on the outside. Bailey doesn’t have the size that Quick does, but still manages to bring down the ball in tight coverage. Bailey had some of the best hands in the draft and was probably one of the best route runners. He is a reliable target and could just be the player the Rams and Sam Bradford need on the outside.

Stedman Bailey doesn’t have the size that Quick has, but he is a reliable target. Mike Mayock had this to say about Stedman Bailey, “”He’s a natural route runner with great hands. I feel he was an underrated player with the presence of Tavon Austin. I really like the kid.” Brian Quick has a lot of size and brings a physical presence to the outside which can be seen on both his touchdowns that he scored last season, but the question is, is he ready to be an every down wide receiver or will the Rams have to wait another year for him to fully develop?

Bailey has a slim shot if any to beat out Brian Quick for his spot on the outside. It looks like Quick has put in a lot of work in this offseason to have himself prepared. However, don’t rule out the idea because anything could happen. The Rams could have drafted Bailey as a safety net to be ready if Quick isn’t all there yet. Bailey can step in right away and contribute. It looks like right now Bailey will be the number four receiver, but Brian Quick better be ready, because if he isn’t , he could just lose his job.