Do The Rams Have One Of The Worst RB and WR Groups In NFL?


Last week I read on article by Greg Rosenthal about the worst defensive positions in the NFL, and the Rams just happened to get an honorable mention for the safety position, which is understandable because the Rams have a rookie and a guy that’s in his 4th year and doesn’t have a lot of experience. This week Greg Rosenthal wrote an article about the worst offensive positions (

), and once again the Rams were on the list getting honorable mentions at both the running back and wide receiver positions. This got me thinking, are Rams fans fooling themselves by telling themselves that the Rams are ok at these positions and don’t need a veteran or big name guy to fill the holes? Do the Rams actually have one of the worst running back and wide receiver groups?

Lets start with the wide receiver position. The Rams have not had a true number one receiver since Torry Holt left. If it’s one team who has gotten unlucky with the wide receiver position it’s the Rams. The Rams have a franchise quarterback and a good defense, all they are missing are weapons to put around Sam Bradford in order to take the next step. Chris Givens showed a lot of promise last season, and from what I’ve heard, Givens and Bradford have had a good connection so far in camp and have connected on the deep ball multiple times. Givens may just be that number one guy the Rams have been searching and nobody else except the Rams see it right now. Aside from Givens however, the other guys are hit and miss. The team just drafted Tavon Austin and until he steps foot on the football field, there is no telling what he is going to be able to do. Teammate Stedman Bailey was also drafted by the Rams, and he was one of the more pro ready wide receivers in the draft. Like Austin, he is small, which is something that both players are going to have to overcome. And don’t forget about Brian Quick. Quick showed promise last season and it’s just a question of whether or not he is finally ready to be put in full action, if he is…watch out.  It is understandable why Rosenthal put the Rams on the list as they have a bunch of guys who have yet to prove themselves. There is no doubt the Rams have the potential to be on the other side of this list this time next year.

Rosenthal had this to say about the Rams running back situation, ” The Rams don’t have any big names, but they weren’t listed because I like their young talent.” The Rams just lost Steven Jackson, and due to their big free agent signings in Jake Long and Jared Cook, the team wasn’t able to go out and get a veteran guy, not that they would have anyway. The Rams have a lot of faith in their young guys, and once again the Rams are only on this list because they have guys that still need to prove themselves. Daryl Richardson showed a lot of promise last season when he stepped in for Jackson rushing for 475 yards on 98 attempts. Isaiah Pead also has the talent and potential to be the starter and be a good running back in the NFL. Both players are speedy backs that have the ability to take it the distance every time they touch the ball. The Rams also just drafted hard hitting Zac Stacy out of Vanderbilt, and don’t forget about the physical monster Terrance Ganaway. It is understandable as to why Rosenthal put the Rams where he did. It is a fair assessment. The Rams don’t have a running back on the depth chart that has starting experience in the NFL. This group has the potential to be pretty good, however, as of now, the bottom of the pack is where they will be.

Rosenthal had good reasoning as to why he put the Rams where he did. However, it is very possible that the Rams will prove him wrong. The Rams have a lot of young players with a lot of potential and could end up being superstars in this league. With the lack of experience, it is hard to determine how these players are actually going to do. The Rams are putting a lot on their young players and challenging their young players to go out and make names for themselves. The Rams young players have accepted that challenge and are just about ready to prove a lot of people wrong, one being Greg Rosenthal.