Rams To Have Dynamic Offense In 2013


Ever since the departures of Marc Bulger, Torry Holt, and Isaac Bruce, offense has been a significant issue of the Rams. The Rams have only averaged 16.3 points per game the last three seasons and had an NFL worst of 12.1 and 10.9 points per game in 2009 and 2011.  The last time the Rams scored more than 20 points per game and were in the upper half of the league in the category was back in 2006 when they were ranked 10th with 22.9 points per game. In order to win games you have to score points no matter how good you think your defense nly is. The Rams have failed to score points and failed to win games since 2006. With the addition of playmakers Tavon Austin, Jared Cook, Brian Quick, Stedman Bailey, Daryl Richardson, and Isaiah Pead, the Rams look to score more points and change what has become a tradition. The Rams will have a dynamic offense, but just how dynamic will the offense be?

The Seahawks and 49ers have two of the more dynamic offenses in the league and just happen to be in the same division as the Rams. The 49ers and Seahawks both run a lot of the read-option that gave defenses headaches all last season. The Rams have decided to follow suit, and although they may not have a so-called mobile quarterback, the Rams did go out and get the best playmaker in the draft in Tavon Austin. It has been reported that Tavon Austin has been taking a few snaps at running back during OTA’s. Austin was successful running the ball at WVU as he rushed for 643 yards and three TD’s on 72 carries.Having Austin take snaps at running back has its risks as Austin is small and could get injured because he would be taking more hits, however Austin doesn’t have a history of injury problems, therefore it should be a non issue. Austin ran a 4.34 40 yard dash at the combine, if you can get the guy in space, he has the ability to make plays. Having Austin play running back is just another way to do just that. The Rams took Austin because they loved his versatility and play making ability. It looks like Austin may be doing a lot of the same things he did at WVU in St. Louis and will be featured a lot in the Rams offense. With Austin the Rams will be able to do so much. They can put him at running back, wide receiver, or even use him in  a wild-cat package. Wherever Austin is at on the field the defense will have to respect him.

The Rams not only got a small, speedy wide receiver that can make plays but they also now have a big, physical tight end. Jared Cook has the potential to be the one of the best tight ends in the NFL. With Rob Gronkowski having a lot of injury problems and having to get multiple surgeries, there is no guarantee he will be the same player. Jared Cook could attain the role of NFL’s best tight end. Cook is 6’5 248 pounds. The Rams will more than likely be using Cook in the slot and will be a target that defenses will have to take care of. Cook could without a doubt become Bradford’s new favorite target according to st.louisrams.com senior writer Nick Wagoner, Cook and Bradford have grown pretty comfortable with each other and Cook has been making plays. Reportedly, he’s been particularly tough to cover on post-corner routes and has been a favorite target in the red zone. Cook could receive for over 1,000 yards this season and lead the team in touchdowns.

Don’t forget about Chris Givens either and the other Rams sophomores either. Chris Givens lead the team in receiving last year and was the team’s number one receiver and deep threat. Givens received  for 698 yards and three touchdowns last season. He also had three consecutive games where he had at least one reception of over 50 yards. Givens will assume the same number one receiver role he had last year. It has been said that Givens has been making spectacular catches in training camp and has caught a lot of deep balls. Givens should get more targets than he did last year and could receive for 1,000 yards. The Rams also have Brian Quick who could see more of an expanded role and Stedman Bailey will also play a part in the offense.

The Rams also have three running backs who will play a part in the new dynamic offense. The Rams have had a big physical back in Steven Jackson ever since they drafted him back in 2004. Now with Jackson out the Rams have been left with Isaiah Pead and Daryl Richardson who are small, speedy backs. The Rams could run more sweeps and stretches and the running backs could also play a larger role in the passing game than they have in the past. When the Rams need  a physical back, they have Zac Stacy or Terrance Ganaway. The Rams may not have a 1,000 yard running back, but that doesn’t mean they wont play a large role in the offense.

The Rams could have one of the more exciting offenses in the league and could have an offense in which the defense doesn’t know who to cover because the Rams have so many weapons that can do so many different things like the Packers, Saints, and Patriots. The Rams have an offense that can do a lot and may run some gimmicky packages. Let’s just hope it’s successful like the 49ers and Seahawks offense has been and doesnt blow up in their face like the Jets’ offense did last year.