New Headlines In The Rams Running Back Competition.


Everybody knows that the running back position for the Rams is wide open for anyone’s taking. The Rams have been said to be taking a committee approach to the position, but the starter will more than likely receive a bulk of the carries. Without Steven Jackson, nobody knows who is going to step up. Last season the Rams took Isaiah Pead and Daryl Richardson, and this season the Rams drafted Zac Stacy. The Rams also have big back Terrance Ganaway.

Last season it was Isaiah Pead who was supposed to backup Steven Jackson and be the change of pace back. However, with NCAA rules stating that a player cannot work out with the team until the players classes are over, Pead fell behind and never caught up. Richardson stepped up however and had a decent season rushing for 475 yards on 98 carries. Pead was once again ruled as the favorite going into this year’s competition, but Richardson may have just found an opening.

It was reported that Isaiah Pead has joined Rok Watkins on the Rams suspension list for week one for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. The NFC West suspensions and problems just keep on piling up. Pead will be able to participate in all offseason and preseason practices and games. Pead wont fall behind like he did last year in the offseason program, but if Richardson continues to impress, Pead may have just lost his starting role. Pead has the ability to be a good back, it’s a shame things such as this continue to happen to him.

Due to Pead’s suspension, the door has opened for guys like Richardson, Stacy, and Ganaway. If one of the 3 really impress the coaches, they could take Pead’s spot as the starter. Even if Pead wins the starting spot in camp, if Richardson, Stacy, or Ganaway happen to have a good day at home against the Cardinals, Fisher may just stick with the guy who is hot and Pead may have just lost his opportunity.

This news has definitely shaken up the running back competition and has opened doors for Richardson, Ganaway, and Stacy.  The Rams play the Arizona Cardinals week one, which is a division game, and an important one at that. In order for the Rams to make the playoffs, they need to get off to a fast start. Pead’s suspension more than likely wont hurt the Rams as they have three guys who are more than capable of jumping in and being successful. If Pead loses his spot for the second year in a row it may be time to start labeling him a “bust”.