Ex-Rams Making Noise This Offseason


Everybody knows that the Rams don’t get a lot of media attention and you don’t see many Rams players making headlines or starring in any commercials. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, since leaving the Rams this offseason, two ex-players have made headlines or starred in a commercial. It hasn’t been two months and it’s already happening. It’s times like these where you have to wonder if the media is just avoiding the Rams.

The first player  is Danny Amendola. At one point in Amendola’s career he couldn’t make the Dallas Cowboys practice squad. Now he is being called the next Wes Welker by the so-called experts. Rams fans have known what Amendola is capable of since he’s been in St. Louis, and know that he is a solid player when healthy. However, it wasn’t until he was a free agent when he began to gain some attention. At one time the Rams didn’t have a single starting caliber wide receiver on their team, now Danny Amendola was the next big thing. Amendola has also starred in an Asics commercial since leaving St. Louis. The Asics commercial is kind of humorous, it has a lady running and she doesn’t know who Danny Amendola is. You can view the commercial right here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTybEJryKjQ. It’s amazing what can happen to a player when they leave the Rams.

The other player who has been making some noise is Craig Dahl. If it’s one person who shouldn’t be talking smack to the Rams, it’s Craig Dahl, that however is the case here. Dahl went to play for the 49ers and is making headlines by saying that the Rams tipped plays last season which is why they were so effective stopping the 49ers offense. “We had a few tips off them on film and were able to differentiate between run and pass early,” Dahl said Wednesday, per Cam Inman of Bay Area News Group. “So that kind of gave us an added benefit on defense.” Said Dahl: “Different personnel and different alignment stuff really were the big keys as far as giveaways. It’s been addressed and corrected. They knew most of it before I even got here. We just reconfirmed it. It’s ongoing self-study and self-scouting that got it cleared up, too.” Cortland Finnegan responded to the statement on Twitter by saying “Craig Dahl we know how you play thanks for the tips,” Finnegan wrote, “we know who to attack early and often.” Maybe Finnegan should be the offensive coordinator when the Rams play the niners this season, because it looks like he knows what he’s talking about.

It can be disappointing how little media attention and respect the Rams get, however like mentioned earlier is isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just like losing these two players wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Amendola and Dahl were not getting the job done, and the Rams possibly upgraded at both positions. Amendola could be spending a lot of time with Gronkowski in the training room while Welker is catching passes from Peyton Manning, and Dahl’s comments will only make the 49ers and Rams matchups that much more heated and interesting.