2013 St. Louis Rams Bold Predictions: Defense


A few days ago we did an article an offensive edition of bold predictions for the Rams 2013 season. Now it’s time to address the defense. The Rams may tied for the league in sacks last year, and showed potential to be a top ten or even top five defense. The Rams did lose the entire back end of their defense, but added Alec Ogletree with the team’s second pick in the first round at number 30. Ogletree will hope to give the Rams one of the better front sevens in the league. With that said here are the Bold Predictions for the 2013 season, defense edition.

The Rams Will Lead The League In Sacks Once Again.

Last season the Rams were tied with the Broncos for the sack title with 52. The Rams should be able to once again do a good job getting to the quarterback as they still have Quinn, Long, and a better Brockers in his second year. The Rams also drafted Alec Ogletree who could have some success getting to the quarterback. Jeff Fisher knows he will have to get to the quarterback early and often because the Rams don’t have the safeties to be able to last a long time in coverage.  Nothing helps the secondary like a good pass rush. Even if the Rams don’t lead the league in sacks this season, they could very well at least be in the top five.

The Rams Will Not Have A Five Defense.

A lot of fans believe the Rams could have a top five defense in 2013. There is potential for it without a doubt, but I see five defenses who are better than the Rams defense. Top ten right now is a lot more realistic. The Rams were ranked 14th last year, top ten would be a good jump. Another reason I just don’t see the Rams having a top five defense is because the Rams play three pretty good offenses twice a year in their division. The Rams also have to play the Texans, Falcons, and Saints; all of which have elite offenses. Not to mention the Rams have to play the Panthers, Colts, Bears, and Cowboys; all of which have potentials to have breakout performances. When all is said and done, I see the Rams finishing somewhere in the top ten which would be a good improvement from last season.

Chris Long Will Win Sack Award

This is by far the most ambitious of my bold predictions. After Rams great Deacon Jones passed away, the league has decided to honor Jones by giving the sack leader an award dedicated to Jones who basically invented the sack. Chris Long was tied for ninth last season with 11.5 sacks. JJ Watt had 20.5 sacks. Long will have to obviously have the best year of his career and play out of his mind, but if it’s any player on the Rams that can do it, it’s Chris Long. Long has a motor on him like no other player and if he puts his mind being the league sack leader, he can do it.

The Rams defense could improve by leaps and bounds this season, the only missing piece they really have is safety, they are pretty much set everywhere else. The Rams could very well lead the league in sacks this season, especially if Long fulfills my last bold prediction. The Rams also have potential to be a top five defense and it wouldn’t shock me if they were. Everybody is talking about how exciting the offense is going to be with Tavon Austin, but try looking at the other side of the ball and you might just find it even more exciting.