The Great Uniform Debate: 1973 Los Angeles Rams Versus 1980 New York Giants


You know we are in the heart of the offseason when starts debating which teams have the best uniforms. Stereotypically, it is only the not-so-knowledgeable girlfriend that fills out a bracket based on the colors and logos of the teams. Thanks to Dave Dameshek, the shoe is on the other foot, and we will all be picking our favorite colors and logos…

The brackets are split into four regions: AFC Throwbacks, NFC Throwbacks, AFC Uniforms, and NFC Uniforms. Each team will essentially have two opportunities to take home the crown, with a handful of exceptions. Since these are “throwbacks,” some teams’ jerseys will be dated back into another city. For example, the Los Angeles Rams, St. Louis Cardinals, and Houston Oilers will all have their shot at taking home the crown. Other, newer teams will have an alternate jersey for their “throwback,” such as the Houston Texans in their 2007-2010 alternates or the Carolina Panthers in the 2012 jerseys.

Currently, voting is underway for the first-round of the “Greatest Uniform in NFL History” bracket. As previously mentioned, the Rams will have two jerseys entered into the lineup. Here are their matchups…

NFC Throwbacks Region: 1973-1980 Los Angeles Rams vs. 1980-1999 New York Giants

NFC Uniforms Region: Current St. Louis Rams vs. Current San Francisco 49ers

In the throwbacks regions, the ’73 Rams were subjectively given the 4th overall seed, which should make for an easy win over the hideous jerseys sported by the New York Giants for the better part of two decades. Plain, boxy lettering on the helmets, a dull mixture of colors on the pants, jerseys, and helmets, and less-than-creative styling should be more than enough to kick the Giants’ “throwbacks” out of the first-round.

The same should be said about the new-age 49ers’ jerseys, which have changed little since their ’94 throwbacks. The ’13 Rams uniforms have a hint of “retro” and an updated color scheme, with the golden horns “popping” in contrast with the navy blue background and the white pants as a blank canvas for the blood, dirt, and stains gathered throughout the grind of each game . Really, gold pants ‘9ers Nation? The St. Louis Rams were sporting those last decade… time to step up in the NFL fashion world San Francisco.

Make sure to go and vote for your favorite logo. Keep in mind that the Rams were the original trend-setters of the league, and should be recognized accordingly!