Rams Moving Back To L.A.?


It has been known for a few years now that the St. Louis Rams could be headed out of town and back where they came from, Los Angeles. That’s where the team had been since 1946 until they moved to St. Louis in 1995.  With the CVC declining the request of $700 million in public financing to make some improvements to the current stadium, the move could happen sooner than expected.

In the Rams’ stadium contract, it says that the stadium must be a top-tier stadium by 2005 and by 2015 according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch. The Rams were planning on putting on a sliding roof as well as two end zone party platforms. The only problem with it is that there just simply is not enough money to do it.

The two sides are still negotiating, but if a deal does not get done before 2015 the Rams are free to leave the stadium leaving two options. One, the Rams could possibly get a new stadium all together and stay in St. Louis, or two, the Rams just simply move back to L.A. where they have been begging for a professional football team, and if we want to get real crazy, the Rams could be the first European team by moving to London, Goodell has been talking about moving a team over there. At the end of the day nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen, and anything right now is possible.

If the team does move it would be not only the second time professional football team has left the city of St. Louis, but the second time Jeff Fisher would be apart of that process. Besides a few die-hard L.A. Rams fans, nobody wants the Rams to move. However if the Rams ever were to move back to L.A., right now is the perfect time. The team has been struggling for the past 7 years and the move could represent starting over  add in the stadium contract situation, and it just makes sense. Traveling within the division would also be easier as St. Louis is a fair distance away from Phoenix, San Francisco, and Seattle. L.A. would be a lot closer and make traveling easier. Whether you like it or not the Rams could be back in L.A. very soon.