Ramblin’ Fan’s Position Breakdown: Linebacker


The Rams improved in a number of areas in the draft, but if it’s one area they solidified, it’s the linebacker position. With the Rams adding Alec Ogletree to play alongside James Laurinaitis and Jo-Lonn Dunbar, the Rams possibly have one of the best front sevens in the league. With that, let’s break it down.

James Laurinaitis

With everything in this league, it all starts with the quarterback. James Laurinaitis just happens to be the quarterback for the Rams defense, and he just happens to very good. Laurinaitis led the league in tackles in 2012 and has been in the top 10 in that category every season he’s been in the league. Laurinaitis is the most consistent player on the Rams and he very well could be the most underrated player on the Rams. Laurinaitis doesnt get hardly anyof the credit he deserves, but it doesnt matter, because the guy is a great middle linebacker and soon enough more people will know just how good James Laurinaitis actually is.

Jo-Lonn Dunbar

Dunbar was one of the Rams best free agent signings last offseason coming from New Orleans. Last season Dunbar had his best season in his career by far last season as a Ram having career highs in almost every category and footballnation.com even ranke

Alec Ogletreed Dunabr the 22nd best outside linebacker. Dunbar was a huge part of the Rams improved defense last season and his signing definitely paid off. If Dunbar continues to play like he did last season or even improve more, Dunbar could make quite a career for himself in St. Louis.

Rams coaches and members of the front office were jumping for joy when Ogletree was still available when the Rams picked at number 30. The Rams are taking a chance on Ogletree who has had a history with off the field issues, but if it’s one thing we know about Jeff Fisher it’s that he knows how to keep his players out of trouble. Last season the Rams had basically nobody other than Laurinaitis and Dunbar at the linebacker position. Ogletree will solify the linebacking corp as well as add speed to the outside. Ogletree has the potential to be a great player, let’s all hope he can stay out of trouble and show what he can do on the field.

The Rams have three linebackers that have the potential to be the best linebacker group in the NFL as well as give the Rams one of the best front sevens if not the best. The Rams defense is only going to get better and better and this will be a scary group for many year to come. Many are talking about how the offense could be the second coming of the greatest show on turf, but this defense could be the second coming of the days of the fearsome foursome.