Rivalry Relay: Arizona Cardinals


Over the past five years the Rams have been let’s just say non existent in the division going 7-22-1 and finishing last three of those five years. However, last season the Rams went 4-1-1 in the division and some of the rivalries that seemed to be dead now seem to be reborn. The first team on that list of dead rivalries were the Arizona Cardinals.

Somebody had to replace the Rams at the bottom of the NFC West, and that team just happened to be the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals have dominated this rivalry over the past five years winning seven of the last ten. However, as lopsided as the series may be, it has had its fair share of classic close games that the Rams have come on the wrong end of. There will be plenty more classic games in this rivlary, and the series should become a lot more even and competitive as the Rams have one three of the last five, and caught the Cardinals on an off year last season and swept the series.

Dont expect the Rams to sweep the Cardinals two years in a row Rams fans. Although it could be likely, the series is far from being “in the bag”. The Cardinals made a huge improvement at the quarterback position by acquiring Carson Palmer who may actually be able to help utilize Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals also drafted Jonathan Cooper to protect Carson Palmer. The Cardinals will once again have a stout defense like they always do as they will get their injured players back from last season. As big as those three roster differences will be, the acquisition of Bruce Arians was huge for this team. Arians proved that he can coach in this league by taking over the Colts last season in a tough situation and leading them to the playoffs. He may be able to do it once again in Arizona. The Cardinals were 4-0 for a reason at the beginning of last season. With a better quarterback, healthy defense, and good coach, this team may be very underrated and could sneak its way into the playoffs if too many teams overlook them.

The Rams open against the Cardinals at home to begin the 2013 season, and will be a rematch of the home opener in 2010, Sam Bradford;s rookie year. The Rams should win this game, but the Cardinals very well could ruin the party for the Rams. The dome should be packed and loud as fans havent been this excited about football in a while. This game will definitely be a nail biter, and will come down to the fourth the quarter, but at the end I give the Rams the edge. The teams wont see each other again until week 14 in when the Rams will travel to Arizona. Both teams very well could be playing for a playoff spot at this point in the season, and one team could ruin the other team’s chances of the playoffs right here which will add extra drama to the game. I can see this one once again being close and coming down to the fourth quarter and possibly even go to overtime. The Cardinals may get the win just because they will be the home team, it will be a fun game either way that’s for sure.

This could very well be an interesting a dramatic series this season. Both teams have been in the bottom half of the division as of late, but both look to be on the rise once again which will make this rivalry a good one for hopefully, years to come. In rivalry relay, this was the Arizona Cardinals.