Rivalry Relay: Seattle Seahawks


There are only four games the entire year that I mark on the calendar and  pray that the Rams win, two of those games are against the Seattle Seahawks. Ever since the Seahawks joined the NFC West the Rams and Seahawks have had quite the rivalry and their fair share of classic games. For rivalry relay, it’s time to discuss the Seattle Seahawks.

This series like the others, have been pretty much one-sided and dominated by the Seahawks. The hawks have one eight of the past ten meetings. The series did split last year with the Rams winning the first meeting early on in the season in St. Louis, and the Seahawks winning the second meeting in Seattle week 17. This season the teams will meet week 8 and once again week 17. The week eight meeting will be a fun one as it will be aired during primetime on Monday Night Football. The first meeting will be a close one, but I give the Rams the edge at home with the crowd on their side. As for week 17, it will be close once again, but Seattle is almost unbeatable at home and will once again beat St. Louis in the final week of the season. Both meetings will be tightly contested nail–biters. Get ready for a show Rams fans.

These two teams are very even and very well could be the top two teams in the division. The Seahawks seem to have found their quarterback of the future in Russell Wilson who surprised everybody last season by leading the Seahawks to the divisional round of the playoffs. Had it not been fir a defensive breakdown late, it could have been the Seahawks in the Super Bowl rather than the 49ers. The Seahawks also added some depth on the defensive line as well as adding Percy Harvin via trade. The Seadderall Seahawks have set themselves up for success and look to have a bright future ahead if them.

This will be an interesting series once again this season, as the Rams seem to have improved and played well within the division last season. Like I said earlier, bith of these teams are very even and play each other very close. Who know the Rams could be facing de ja vu week 17, as a playoff spot between the two teams very well could be on the line.