St. Louis Rams Players On The Hot Seat


Every year during training camp there are those players that must have something to prove to the coaches in order to keep their job and stick around for another season. Normally when we talk about the hot seat we are talking about the coaches, but due to the fact that Jeff Fisher is as far from the hot seat as you can get, we will discuss Rams players that could be on the hot seat in 2013.

Brian Quick

After Brian Quick supposedly dropped to number for the wide receiver depth chart, Rams fans everywhere were furious. Was this guy going to end up being a bust? Would rookie Stedman Bailey surpass Quick? The fact of the matter is, Austin Pettis has been playing outstanding football. Rams fans will be keeping their eyes on Quick every time he steps on the field this season, one bad move and Rams fans could push Quick out of town. Quick has made some good offensive plays thus far in camp, and if that continues, Quick wont be going anywhere.

Isaiah Pead

The Rams drafted Pead to be Jackson’s successor, and so far their is no evidence to show that he has the ability to do that. Pead got behind last year in training camp, and has already been suspended for the first game this season. Pead has had a few bumps to say the least and is on the possible “bust” list. Pead has great ability, but has yet to show it on an NFL football field. If Pead doesnt show some sign of potential this season, Pead could be fighting for a job next year.

Matt Daniels

Daniels made the Rams roster last season as an undrafted free agent. However Daniels’ 2012 season was a disappointing one plagued with injuries. Daniels could be contending for the starting safety spot as it is a wide open competition at the moment. If Daniels has another year plagued by injuries or doesnt perform well in camp, Daniels could end up being cut.

Sammy Brown

Brown was also an undrafted free agent that made the team last season. Brown was a dominant force at the University of Houston as an outside linebacker, but still managed to go undrafted. Brown will be fighting every day to keep his job during training camp as he is at the bottom of the totem pole once again this season. If he manages to make the roster, hopefully Brown will be one of those diamond’s in the rough and turns out to be a good player.


I could also put Sam Bradford on this list, but I think it will take Bradford having a bad year this year to be on the hot seat. As for these three players, fans will be keeping an eye on them every time they are on the field. These players have the ability to make plays, but the fact that they are not is the reason that I have put them on the hot seat.