3 Top Players The Rams Should Consider Trading In 2013


The beginning of the regular season will be here before we know it, and because of that teams will be trying to make that big move that will help them out the rest of the season. Whether it’s through free agency or trade, teams are always looking for that move. Here are three players the Rams should consider trading away in 2013.

Rodger Saffold

Saffold is going into his contract year, and although he may seem happy in St. Louis, everybody deep down knows he would rather be elsewhere playing on his preferred left side. Saffold will be moved over to the right side this season due to the offseason signing of Jake Long, and it had been reported that Saffold was not happy with the move and having to give up his spot on the line. Saffold will be going into the last year of his contract this season, therefore why not try to get something out of him before he walks away for nothing. Obviously the Rams would need a trade a partner first, and finding a trade partner for a good offensive lineman isnt hard in this league. It’s finding the right price that’s the hard part. For Saffold the Rams shouldnt accept anything less than a 4th round pick, and even a 4th round pick is giving him away. Saffold has been a solid tackle for the Rams, but if he’s not going to be with the team next season, why not try to trade him away for the right price.

Robert Quinn

You probably think I’m crazy right? The Rams should trade away a guy who had double digit sacks last season and has turned into a stud defensive end in this league? Yes. Let me explain why. Robert Quinn may have had double digit sacks, however when it came to guarding against the run, everyone and their dog knows that Quinn struggled in that area. In 2011 Quinn was one of the lowest ranked run-defenders. He did improve in 2012 going from being ranked 73 to 57 in run stop percentage, but their is still a lot of work to be done. The reason why I think the Rams should trade Quinn is because they re-signed William Hayes in the offseason. Hayes on limited snaps had 7 sacks, only three less than Quinn. Imagine if Hayes got more snaps and more opportunities to get to the quarterback. Hayes is also better in defending the run ranking 27 last season. If the Rams traded Quinn they should ask for a 2nd or 3rd round pick and a conditional late round pick in 2015. Finding a trade partner shouldnt be hard, agreeing on a price and being willing to trade away a big piece on the defense is.

Lance Kendricks

Lance Kendricks is my third and final big name player the Rams should consider trading in 2013. Kendricks had been the number one tight end for the Rams the last two seasons because the Rams really didnt have a good tight end. This past offseason however, the Rams did find that big tight end that can make plays down the field and in the red zone in Jared Cook. Kendricks has been inconsistent as a wide receiver throughout his entire career, mostly with dropped passes. Because of that Kendricks has been used more in blocking, being used to block on the line or even at the full back position. If the Rams just need a tight end that can block, they already have Mike McNeil and another upcoming tight end in Phillip Lutzenkirchen who could block yet still go out and catch the occasional pass. If the Rams were to trade Kendricks  a 4-7 round pick could probably get him.


Im not at all saying the Rams should openly shop around these three players, except for maybe Saffold. All three players have been good players for the organization and could be for the long term. All im saying is the Rams should consider doing it if they were being offered the right price and if they were to trade them away they have other players who would be able to step up and fill the void. If the Rams traded these players away they could get even more draft picks in the upcoming drafts, and it’s always a bonus to have the extra pick or two. That is why I think the Rams should consider trading Rodger Saffold, Robert Quinn, and Lance Kendricks.