Training Camp: End Of The Week Wrap Up


Well Rams fans training camp hasn’t taken a break, and neither are we. The Rams have a scrimmage later on today and wee have a lot to catch you up on so let’s get right into it on another edition of Training Camp.

The Rams had a disappointing practice on Wednesday after coming off a break on Tuesday, Fisher even mentioned it himself. The Rams got back on track on Thursday however, looking like the team that had impressed so much early on. Isaac Bruce stopped by on Thursday to help out and give some of the young receivers some advice and tips. He even spent some alone time with the rookies. Tavon Austin said afterwards that Bruce’s help is something that he will never forget and he “picked Bruce’s brain” with questions.

Bruce’s presence seemed to have an affect on Austin as he had a nice day in practice being in sync with Sam Bradford. Austin caught a couple of short balls that would have turned into big plays. That’s one more important stat that Austin will bring to the table, yards after the catch. The quarterback can only do so much and get the receiver the ball, but what the receiver does after the catch is what matters and it looks like Austin will be able to do very good things after the catch.

The rest of the offense also once again impressed and made some big plays starring wide receiver Chris Givens who beat Janoris Jenkins multiple times. At one point the two even got into a small skirmish. Givens made it a point to get better on intermediate route running this offseason and it looks as if he is headed in the right direction in that aspect. Brian Quick started off strong, but faded out late in practice having a couple of drops and missing on a block on a  sweep featuring Zac Stacy.

On defense, other than Jenkins getting beat consistently by Givens, first round pick Alec Ogletree had a nice day of practice. Ogletree showed that he isn’t afraid of contact, laying out a few big hits. Ogletree has also shown good speed running from sideline to sideline which will prove to be good when he has to chase down Kaepernick and Wilson this season.

Fisher has been saying that they will take the committee approach with the running backs this season and he is sticking with that as of right now. He has said that all the backs have had a good camp, they are all running well and protecting well. My best guess is that the running back rotation will be more of a who has the hot hand between Richardson and Pead and then Stacy will be the consistent third-down short yardage back.

The injuries are pretty much the same once again, but there were some additions. Matt Daniels, Andrew Helmick, Nick Johnson, Jabara Williams, Sammy Brown, Matt Giordano, Lance Kendricks, Jermelle Cudjo, Al Lapuaho, and Zach Potter did not practice. Kendall Langford started practice, but did not finish, but it was reported that he seemed to be fine. On a good note though Daniels has been getting some work on the side and is getting closer to a return, and Kendricks joined him which is a step in the positive direction for his return as well.

The Rams will have a scrimmage in the Edward Jones Dome later today which will be open to the public.It will be the preparation game so to speak before the team travels to Cleveland for their first preseason game on Thursday.  If you are able be sure to go out and support your Rams at the scrimmage. It’s a perfect opportunity to possibly get an autograph and meet the players, so it would be worth it. Until next time Rams Fans Go Rams!!!