Best And Worst Case Scenarios For The Rams In 2013


The 2013 season is the most excited Rams fans have been in a long time, and it really shows when there is a 70% increase in attendance at Rams Park. This Rams team has expectations for the playoffs and to contend for the NFC West title. The Rams have a lot of young players with little experience and it would be truly disappointing if the Rams ended up taking a step back. Here are my best and worst case scenarios for the Rams and the I will cap it all off with my prediction.

Best Case Scenario

The Rams have high expectations from the fans to inside the organization. The best part is, the team believes they can do it. They know they are young, but that’s not going to stop them from making some noise. The key to the Rams success this year is Sam Bradford. I’ve said it before, I will say it again, and I will continue to say it; This team is going to live or die on the shoulder of Sam Bradford. Bradford finally has plenty of weapons in Jared Cook, Tavon Austin, Chris Givens, and I’ll even throw in Brian Quick and Daryl Richardson. Bradford also has a solid guy protecting his blind side. If Bradford cant be successful in the second year in the same offense with a great supporting cast, I dont know if he ever will. The Rams have a playoff caliber defense, now it’s time for the offense to catch up.

If this team can stay healthy there is no doubt in my mind that they can contend for the NFC West title. The Rams split with the Seahawks, tied and then won against the 49ers, and then swept the Cardinals. This team matches up well with the other teams in the division and if they can be successful in the division once again like they were last year, there is do doubt a division title is within reach. A best case scenario for the Rams would be a 11-5 record and the division title. This would be the first winning record for the Rams since 2004 and the first time since 2003 that they would have captured the NFC West division title. This may be the best case scenario for the Rams, but it is also a realistic one.

Worst Case Scenario

The last time the Rams went into a season with some excitement they ended up going 2-14 and ended up with the second overall pick in the next year’s draft only to trade it away in one of the biggest and more controversial trade’s in NFL History as the Rams decided to stick with Sam Bradford rather than draft Robert Griffin III. If the Rams had a disappointing season like that, the Rams would have a lot of fans that might just give up on the team.

Jeff Fisher and Les Snead have created a team where anything below five or six wins is truly unrealistic. The Rams are past that right now and the only way it could happen is if the Rams have an injury plague that wipes out a few key players. The worst case scenario for the Rams in 2013 is 7-9 or 8-8. The Rams are a young team and although that shouldn’t affect them, it just might in close games. 7-9 or 8-8 is a lot better worst case scenario than it might have been two or three years ago. Two or Three years ago Rams fans would have been happy with seven or eight wins, but with expectations so high, seven or eight would be disappointing to many.


My prediction for the Rams in 2013 is 10-6 and the nab the sixth and final playoff spot in the NFC. With that, it would make Rams fans excited once again in St. Louis and bring even more excitement to 2014. The Rams have a lot of expectation, but whether or not they can match them is still a mystery.

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