What To Watch For: Green Bay Packers


After tomorrow’s game against the Green Bay Packers, the preseason will be officially half way done for the St. Louis Rams. The Rams played a pretty simple game last week against the Cleveland Browns, and will play pretty simple once again this week, but will work on the things that they have struggled with. Here’s some things to watch tomorrow night.

Young Player Mistakes

Last week, rookies T.J. McDonald and Alec Ogletree had some mishaps. McDonald missed an open field tackle on Browns running back Dion Lewis that went for a first down. Ogletree on the other hand had a few mishaps in pass coverage, losing his guy on a few occasions, one of which was on Brandon Weeden’s touchdown pass. Isaiah Pead also lost  a fumble on his first carry. Hopefully all three players will be able to bounce back this week and make some plays.

Rams First Team Offense

You might want to keep an eye on the Rams offense this week. The Rams offense wont show a lot, but expect Tavon Austin and Jared Cook to get a reception or two. You dont want to show too much in the preseason, but you do have to give your guys reps in live, game situations, and I would expect the Rams to do that a little this week. Also watch the Rams receivers. The Rams dropped their fair share of balls last week. Let’s hope the Rams don’t get their fingers buttery while eating toast the morning before the game.

Rams Pressure

Last week the Rams didnt get much pressure on quarterback Brandon Weeden last week as they only brought an extra pass rusher a couple of times. In fact Browns offensive lineman Joe Thomas said in an article that the Rams “just stood there”. Eugene Sims got the only sack of the night. Expect the Rams to give a little more effort. You play like you practice. If the Rams dont give some effort in the preseason, they may come out a little flat against the Cardinals week one. It is only preseason, but it’s the only live, game action that the players get before the regular season and you have to somewhat take advantage of that.

Camp Battles

Obviously keep an eye on the running back competition between Terrance Ganaway and Benny Cunningham. It looks like one of these two players will grab the final spot, it’s all going to depend on who wants it more. Watch Brian Quick vs Austin Pettis. Quick started off slow in camp, but he’s been playing more consistent lately, that’s not a good sign for Pettis who dropped a pass last week. The guard position battle between Shelly Smith and Chris Williams will also be a good one to watch. Smith will get the start this week as Williams got the start last week. Finally with Dunbar’s suspension the depth players at outside linebacker will be something to watch. Ray Ray Armstrong made an impact last week. He probably wont push for the starting job, but if Witherspoon goes down, Armstrong could see an opportunity.

Final Thoughts

That’s going to do it for this edition of what to what for. Hopefully this gives you an idea of some things to keep an eye on as the Rams play the Green Bay Packers in the Edward Jones Dome tomorrow night.