Richardson To Be The Starter


It’s official, one of the training camp battles is officially over. Jeff Fisher named Daryl Richardson the starting running back week one against the Cardinals. Richardson and Pead had been competing throughout camp, and it was expected by many experts that Pead would win the job. Richardson proved them all wrong, and once again, for the second year in a row, beat out Isaiah Pead for the starting running back.

Fisher said early in camp that he would be going with a running back by committee system basically going with the hot hand every week. That could still be the case and Ricahrdson could only be the starter for week one, however Richardson has shown great ability running the football and catching out of the back field and if he keeps it up, he shouldnt lose his job.

Fisher said awhile ago that he expected Richardson to win the starting running back job based on experience. Last season Richardson rushed the ball 98 times for 498 yards. That experience has carried over to this season so far as Richardson has rushed for 24 yards off of four carries, that doesnt even include the 10 yard run last week that got called back. Richardson has also caught three balls for 44 yards.

As for Isaiah Pead, the coaches gave him the majority of the carries in last weeks preseason game, and he may have proved himself enough to keep his spot on the roster and be the third down back. However, nothing is guaranteed for Pead right now. He still has a lot to prove, and if he ends up playing particularly well, who knows, Fisher may just roll with him, but for right now it looks like Richardson be the starter.

The Rams may have named their starting running back, but the competition is far from over. Zac Stacy could throw himself in the mix for the number two back as he has 33 yards off of seven carries so far in the preseason. He hasnt done anything spectacular as of yet, but he is just a rookie and is learning. He will more than likely be used as the short yardage back that can muscle his way past the first down for now. Same thing goes for Cunningham who has surprised a little in the preseason. If Stacy and Cunningham start showing off and Pead let’s the news of Richardson getting the starting role get inside his head, Stacy and Cunningham could compete for the second spot.

One of the Rams’ training camp competitions is somewhat over for now. Richardson will still have to do enough to keep his spot though, because if he doesnt dont think Fisher wont bench him. The Rams still have plenty of drama going on at camp as the battle for left guard between Smith and Williams is still going on as is the small competition at safety. Some Rams players have a lot to prove this week especially since this week,  week three is the dress rehearsal for week one.