What To Watch For: Denver Broncos


Later today the Rams will be playing the Denver Broncos in their third preseason game. The game will be played on CBS, so if you haven’t gotten a chance to watch the Rams this is the perfect opportunity. The Rams had a lot to work on this week and a lot to prove, here are a few things to watch for during the game.

Leaps Of Improvement

The Rams have struggled in many areas this preseason, and Fisher has stressed mixing those mistakes. Look for the Rams to get better on converting on third downs on offense and getting off the field on third down on defense. The Rams defense struggled getting off the field on third down during week one against the Browns, but improved in that area last week, hopefully they will continue what they did last week. The offense on the other hand went 0-5 on third down last week. If you want to do well in the NFL you have to be able to convert on third down. Games are won and lost on third down and you have to be able to come out on the right side. Also watch for the Rams to get better tackling, committing less penalties, and scoring touchdowns.

Depth Players

On Tuesday teams will have to make roster cuts. For many of these players it is their last chance to prove to the coaches that they have more to show and that they deserve to be around for at least one more week. This game will focused more around the starters, but dont stop watching when the starters take a seat, because the real action and drama will just be beginning once the starters are on the sidelines.

Late-Camp Battles

Some battles during camp didn’t start until camp was winding down. Watch Brandon McGee and Trumaine Johnson. If McGee has another strong performance he very well could become the starting nickel back. Watch also Darian Stewart and Rodney McLeod. McLeod played with the starters last week and played with them this week in practice when Stewart wasnt able. If McLeod can make a few big plays, he may earn himself a starting role.Richardson may have one the starting role this past week, but the competition is still on. Watch to see if any of the running backs can separate themselves as the back-up. Pead is obviously in the lead right now, but Stacy and Cunningham could make their way up the depth chart.

These are just a few things to watch later tonight. Will Witherspoon will be a player to watch as well as he will be taking Dunbar’s place for at least the first four weeks. Enjoy the game tonight if you get a chance to watch it as it will be a good one to watch as the Broncos will be a tough challenge. As always go Rams and hopefully they can come out with their first preseason win of the season.