Rams Cut Roster To 75


The Last two days the Rams have been very busy with roster moves as they have had to release 13 players in order to meet the required  75. This is the first of two cutting deadlines before the final 53 is set. Here are the players that the Rams have released:

1. K/P- Brett Baer

2. WR- Demetrius Fields

3. WR- Andrew Helmick

4. LS- Jorgen Hus

5. QB- Tim Jenkins

6. DT- Al Lapuaho

7. LB- Joseph Lebeau

8. TE- Colby Prince

9. WR- Raymond Radway

10. CB- Robert Steeples

11. OL- Graham Pocic

12. OL- Ryan Lee

13. LB- Jabara Williams

There were a few surprises especially the cuts of Raymond Radway and Andrew Helmick. Radaway had the third most receiving yards throughout the preseason and Helmick showed potential of being a depth player. Radway did drop some balls and Helmick getting hurt sure didnt help either of them.

The Rams currently have 75 players on the roster and by next week they will have to cut 19 more players to make the 53 man roster limit. The Rams will have some tough decisions to make, but at the end of the day the best players will be on the roster whether or not the fans agree. And of course we wish the best of luck to those who got cut, hopefully some of them will get the chance to compete for spots on other teams.