Baltimore Ravens @ St. Louis Rams Preview


The whole NFL will be playing on Thursday night in their final preseason game. You know what that means right? In 48 hours it will be countdown to kickoff for the the Ravens and Broncos in the first game of the 2013 NFL season. The Rams will be playing the defending Super Bowl champion Baltmore Ravens in their preseason finale in the Edward Jones Dome.

As if the Rams preseason couldnt get more difficult. The Rams started out in Cleveland, who could surprise some this year, then played Aaron Rogers and the Packers, who are legitimate Super Bowl contenders, then they had to go to Denver to play the Broncos, who many expect to go to the Super Bowl , and to cap it all off they have to play the Ravens, the defending Super Bowl champs. Its a good thing this was only the preseason schedule.

With that difficult preseason schedule the Rams are currently 0-3 in the preseason and they will try to avoid going defeated. It is better to lose now than week one, but its still nice to get at least one win in the preseason.

The Rams maynot have won a game so far in the preseason, but if you take an in depth look at the games the Rams havent done all that bad. Week one was a disaster, but we still saw some positive things in the offense. In week two against the Packers the Rams offense struggled scoring touchdowns, but the defense held the Packers to six points throughout the first half. Last week the Rams may have lost in disappointing fashion, but the Rams were up 20-10 at the half when the first team players left the game and the Rams rookies made a lot of plays.

Getting a win this week isnt all that important, sure it would be nice, but it isnt vital. The Rams’ hopes of making the playoffs dont rely on winning this week. The goal of this week is to work out the final bugs and to stay healthy. If the Rams can achieve those two things, they will have come out of the game successfully.

The Rams game will be played at 7:00 pm CT, and will not be televised, however if you wish to watch the game, you can buy the preseason live package on or if you just wish to follow the game, make sure to follow @ramblinfan on twitter. If you do end up watching the game, you could see the Rams starters play deep into the first half. Its all going to depend on if the coaches feel the starters have had enough snaps. Some teams dont even play their starters in the final preseason game, but if it’s one thing we know about Fisher it’s that he is old-school.

The Rams and Ravens have had some history in the preseason as they have played each other three times in the last four seasons, the Rams have won all three meetings. The Rams will look to win this one as well trying to avoid an 0-4 preseason. Whatever the case is however, the Rams will be ready for week one against the Cardinals and if that’s when the team gets their first win, better then than now. As always go Rams!!!