What Does 1-0 Mean For The Rams?


For the first time since 2006 the St. Louis Rams will begin a season 1-0. It almost wasn’t, but the Rams showed toughness and perseverance as they overcame a 24-13 deficit to defeat the Arizona Cardinals 27-24. In order to make the leap, winning week one was essential, but what exactly does it mean for the Rams?

With the win the Rams are technically atop the NFC West as they have the only division win between them, the Seahawks, and 49ers. As of now the Rams also are keeping pace with the 49ers and Seahawks, sure it is only week one and anything and everything could happen, but the Rams are right there for now. Had they lost against the Cardinals and fell behind in the division, it may have came back to haunt them.

Last season 23 of the past 36 playoff teams won in week one and the 47 Super Bowl winners are 38-8-1 after week one. The St. Louis Rams increased their chances tremendously after sneaking out a win, it may have been ugly, but a win is a win and one step closer to the playoffs, which arent going to be easy to make as it is.

The Rams have set themselves up for success winning the first game, but that doesnt change the fact that the rest of the schedule is brutal, face it, the Rams play some tough competition in 2013. Im not saying the Rams are going to lie on their backs and let teams walk over them like in years past, but the teams they play are good. Winning week one against a much improved Cardinals team was essential and it built character. Winning week one was essential if the Rams want to make a run at the playoffs, and they did just that. It’s always nice to get off to a quick start, but the challenge ahead does not get any easier unfortunately for the Rams.

The Rams have to travel to Atlanta and to Dallas the next two weeks, which wont be an easy task, beating the Cardinals possibly saved the Rams from beginning the season 0-3 and turning 2013 into a disastrous season. The Rams then will come back home to play the 49ers on a short week after playing on the road which again, wont be an easy task. After that’s all over with the Rams finally have a “break” against the Jaguars. These next three games are going to be a tough stretch of games and winning 2 of the 3 would be fantastic, 1 of the 3 we could live with.

Starting 1-0 will surely help the Rams, heck it definitely doesnt hurt. They say winning comes in bunches, hopefully that is the case here. Winning on the road against the Falcons won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible. If it’s one thing we learned about this team on Sunday, it’s that they may be young, but they are capable of anything.