Deacon Jones Award Standings After Week 1


Sadly Rams great Deacon Jones passed away in the offseason. Deacon Jones will always be remembered as one of the best pass rushers in NFL history and this season the NFL will begin to honor the Deacon with an annual award going to the sack leader. Here are the top 10 standings after week one:

T1. STL DE Robert Quinn- 3.0

T1. KC LB Justin Houston- 3.0

T3. DEN LB Shaun Phillips- 2.5

T3. MIA DE Cameron Wake- 2.5

T5. CLE DT Desmond Bryant- 2.0

T5. TB LB Mason Foster- 2.0

T5. TEN DT Casey Jurrell- 2.0

T5. TEN LB Zach Brown- 2.0

T9. MIA DT Randy Starks- 1.5

T9. SF LB Aldon Smith- 1.5

T9. DET DT Nick Fairley- 1.5

T9. KC DT Dontari Poe- 1.5

It is only week one therefore their is a lot of season left, but after one, St. Louis Rams defensive end Robert Quinn leads the league with three. Long described Quinn as one of the league’s best pass rushers saying, “To me, he’s got more ability than almost anybody in the league,” Long said. “Pass-rushers, I put him easily in my top five in the league right now. That’s without this game having been played today, and, obviously, no one game catapults anybody into the Hall of Fame, but I think Rob is going to show you this year that he’s one of the top three pass-rushers in the league.”

So far Quinn is backing up what Long had to say. If Quinn manages to pull this out and wins the Deacon Jones award leading the league in sacks, you wouldnt be able to write the script any better. Having the first Deacon Jones award going to a fellow St. Louis Ram, would be a storybook ending to the memory of a great legend of the game.