St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons Madden 25 Simulation


Last week we started one of our new series of simulating every Rams game on Madden 25. The Rams lost to the Cardinals last week in our Madden simulation losing to the Cardinals 39-19, and starting the season 0-1 when in reality the Rams had an impressive comeback victory and won their first opening day game 27-24.

Now take yourself back to Madden land where the Rams are the laughing stock of the NFL and are unfairly underrated, but then again they are underrated in the real world as well. Now back to Madden land. This week the Rams traveled to Atlanta to face their old teammate Steven Jackson and the rest of the next Greatest Show on Turf, the Atlanta Falcons. The Rams turned the ball over 6 times and the Falcons scored the first 28 points of the game. When all was said and done the Rams gave up a fifty-burgur and lost 51-27.

The Rams started the game alright, exchanging possessions with the Falcons. On the second Rams possession is when things got bad. Austin Pettis fumbled the ball and the Falcon recovered at the Rams 28 yard line and turned the turnover into 7 points on a touchdown pass from Matt Ryan to Roddy White. Atlanta seemed to own the battle of field position. The Falcon offense seemed to start at midfield throughout most of the game, and took advantage of that field position. After another Ryan touchdown pass to Harry Douglas, a touchdown pass to Julio Jones, and yet another touchdown pass to Brandie Ewing, the Rams finally got on the board with a Daryl Richardson touchdown midway through the second quarter. Daryl Richardson also had a fumble which led to one of those Falcon touchdowns. The Falcons ended the half with a Matt Bryant field goal and a 31-7 lead.

With the Falcons actually having to start with the ball before midfield the Rams defense took advantage and forced the Falcons to a three and out. Sam Bradford hooked up with Jared Cook on a 50yd catch and run which led to an Austin Pettis touchdown catch. The Rams then went for two and converted on a Bradford pass to Tavon Austin. The lead was cut to 31-15. The Falcons then drove the ball down the field that ended with yet another Matt Ryan touchdown to Drew Davis. The Rams got the ball back and drove all the way down inside the Atlanta 10 yard line when Chris Givens fumbled the ball at the goal line giving the Falcon bad field position. The Rams would take advantage and get a safety giving them two points. The Rams got the ball back and Bradford threw a 28 yard touchdown pass to Jared Cook. The Rams were only down 38-24 headed into the fourth and final quarter.

Both teams exchanged field goals to begin the fourth quarter and then Atlanta got another field goal to go up 44-27. When the Rams got the ball back, they drove all the way down into Falcons territory threatening to make a comeback. All of that hope was thrown away when Bradford threw and interception. Atlanta scored in “garbage time” on a, you guessed it, Matt Ryan touchdown pass to Chase Coffman. Bradford threw another interception to end the game a clinch the 51-27 win for the Atlanta Falcons.

As you can probably tell Matt Ryan had an almost flawless day going 38/49 for 443 yards and almost tying the single game touchdown pass record coming up one short with 6. If it’s one thing the Rams defense did do well, it was contain former teammate Steven Jackson. Jackson had 27 carries for only 72 yards. Matt Ryan had a good day, that only means the Falcon wide receivers did as well. Harry Douglas had 9 catches for 166 yards and 1TD, Roddy White had 9 catches as well for 91 yards and 1TD, and Julio Jones had 7 catches for 97 yards and 1TD. The Rams defense contained Gonzalez allowing him only 3 catches for 30 yards.

Aside from three interceptions Sam Bradford had a good day throwing for a remarkable 355 yards and 2 touchdowns.Daryl Richardson carried the ball 18 times for 75 yards and 1TD. Jared Cook led the team in receiving yards with 122 yards on 5 receptions and one touchdown, and Austin Pettis. had five receptions for 63 yards and 1TD.

On defense for the Rams Janoris Jenkins and Trumain Johnso led the team in tackles with 8 Laurinaitis was right behind them with 7. Johnson however led the team in tackles for loss as well with 5 as sacks with 2. Robert Quinn and Chris Long also managed to get a sack.

For the Falcons William Moore led the team in tackles with 9 and also had 2 forced fumbles. Kroy Bierman led them in tackles for loss with 4 and also led the team with 3 sacks. Robert Alford, Desmond Trufant, and Asante Samuel all had an interception.

Ready to come back to the real world yet? Ok. Good. Because sitting for an hour and a half watching the Rams get blown out in Madden really isnt as fun as you might think. Madden may be fun, but it doesnt apply the things like injuries and and if a team is underrated then you better believe they are going to get blown out. The chances of the Rams giving up 51 points and turning the ball over 6 times is very slim and I doubt that will happen with Fisher as the coach, especially since the most the Rams gave up last year was 45 to the Patriots.

The Rams know they have a tough task ahead of them, but they are ready for it. They are going to fix the small things that they didnt do against the Cardinals and hopefully do better against the Falcons. This is a young team that is improving every week. The Rams may be 0-2 in Madden, but hopefully when we come back next week, the Rams will be 2-0 when they get ready to head to Dallas.