Rams’ Season On The Line Thursday Night


Thursday Night the St. Louis Rams will play the San Francisco 49ers in the first of their two primetime games this season. For both teams the stakes are high, not only because it’s against a division rival and one will get bragging rights over the other, but because both teams are 1-2 and the chances of making the playoffs at 1-3 are very small.

Last week we said that the game against the Cowboys was a must win if there ever was a must win in game in week 3. However this week against the 49ers is a must win if the Rams want to have a shot at making the playoffs. The Rams have had a tendency this season of digging themselves holes early on in games and apparently the season. 1-2 is something that the Rams can come back from, 1-3 however, would be near impossible.

Winning this week would not only be beneficial to the Rams’ standings, but also to the players confidence. Beating the 49ers on primetime football would be a huge confidence booster for the tough games to come. Granted the 49ers are no where near the team they were last year, but they are still the 49ers and winning would get the Rams back on the winning track.

Losing three straight games would be heartbreaking and disappointing for the Rams and their fans, and if it happens, the Rams could have two picks in top ten come April. The Rams still have to play the Texans, Bears, Saints, Panthers, Titans, Colts, and then their division games on top of that. Those are nine very tough games and will not be easy to win by any means. The Rams must go 2-2 in order to get their ahead above water in preparation for the firepower that awaits.

The Rams have yet to play their best football this season, and they need to do so fast. The offense and defense are still trying to gel and especially with young players, mistakes happen during that process. Fortunately for the Rams though they will get an injured and beat up 49ers team this week. The 49ers have lost their last 2 games as well and have only scored ten points in that span. The 49ers will be looking to get back on track against St. Louis. Unfortunately for them they will be without Aldon Smith and Michael Crabtree obviously, and the Niners could also be without Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis as well.

Thursday’s game should be a good one even though it may be difficult to think so after the team just got torched by the Cowboys. The Rams will be at home, a place they have already won this season against another division opponent. The Rams must win tomorrow night, because the hopes of a winning season and making the playoffs will be on the line.