Jeremy Maclin To St. Louis?


Dec 30, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants cornerback

Corey Webster

(23) breaks up a pass intended for Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver

Jeremy Maclin

(18) in the end zone during the game at Metlife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

This offseason for the Rams is already proving to be an exciting one for the St. Louis Rams. With the chance that the Rams could make yet another blockbuster trade with the number two overall pick, excitement is in the building.

What would bring even more excitement however, is a big name free agent, and although the Rams don’t have a lot of cap space, by making a few roster moves the Rams could have enough space to make a “splash” so to speak, in free agency.

One name that has been floating around is Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. Maclin is coming off an ACL injury that he suffered in training camp last season and may hit the free agent market.

On one of our partner sites on the Fansided network, insidetheiggles, they have predicted that Maclin will hit the free agent market and sign elsewhere. Dave Searles from insidetheiggles had this to say about Maclin:

"Maclin has had an interesting tenure after the Eagles made him the 19th overall selection of the 2009 NFL Draft. While he led Eagles receivers with 248 receptions over his first three seasons, he missed the entire 2013 season with an ACL injury and has had various health issues looming over him over majority of his collegiate and pro career. While supremely talented when healthy, he failed to show the return ability that made him so dangerous at Mizzou or the physicality that free-agent-to-be Riley Cooper had.While Eagle fans have expressed passionate interest in Maclin returning to Philly, I believe a fresh start is best for him. It’s a common feeling that the Eagles will offer a one-year, prove-it contract. It wouldn’t shock me if another team will see a young, former first round pick and take a chance on a multi-year contract with low guarantees, possibly Maclin’s own hometown St. Louis Rams. Maclin already suffered an season-ending injury in a contract year, and I don’t think he’ll put himself in that position again if it can be avoided."

It looks like Maclin could hit the free agency market, and according to the article, Maclin to the Rams could make sense. Not to mention he could come at the right price for the Rams by coming off of the injury. Adding Maclin would give the Rams invaluable experience at wide receiver, and if he fully recovers, he could still have number one receiver like talent.

With today’s advance in medicine, coming off of ACL injuries aren’t as uncommon as they used to be, sure they are still difficult, but it’ s not so much a career ending injury like it was. Come backs like Adrian Peterson are very rare, but coming back and getting back to the level the player was before the injury is possible.

Maclin had 857 yards receiving in 2012 along with seven touchdowns. Maclin was set to break out in 2013, but due to the injury, he was unable to do so. Adding Maclin may be risky, but if it meant bringing in a number one receiver for quarterback Sam Bradford, it may be worth it.

With the addition of Maclin, it would obviously mean the end of Brian Quick, Chris Givens, or Austin Pettis, but when you have the opportunity to completely upgrade the receiving corps, an area in which the Rams have struggled so much over the past decade, letting a guy like Pettis go, to upgrade at the position, would make sense.

Signing Maclin may be a risk with his injury background, but opportunities of adding a talent such as Maclin for a somewhat discounted price don’t come along very often, and it may be a risk that the Rams want to take.