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DeskSite: Improving The Fan Experience


Have you ever been frustrated that you haven’t been able to watch a player interview online  because the video wouldn’t buffer and gave up because you just got tired of waiting for it? Have you found team websites just a pain to navigate through?

Well Rams fans, luckily for you, there is a solution to end the endless frustration, and it’s called DeskSite. DeskSite is set to revolutionize the way fans connect with their favorite team thanks to its seamless video delivery platform, easy-to-navigate interface, and absence of any buffering, freezing or frame-dropping. Essentially it is a DVR for the internet. You are also able to customize it to your liking.

DeskSite makes getting team videos and content so much easier. Instead of having to wander back to the team site over and over again to see if a new video is available, DeskSite notifies you within minutes that a new video is available and allows you to watch videos whenever and wherever, even when you’re  offline.

DeskSite doesn’t majorly change anything that isn’t already out there on the team sites. What it does do though is take the small things and make the fan experience better. Desksite CEO Richard Gillam sat down with us and had this to say,

"“It’s not just that you can access the content offline. It’s not just that you get notified right when the content is available. It’s not just that it’s instantaneously accessible with no buffering or streaming. It’s not just that it’s completely customized so that you only get the content you want and nothing you don’t. It’s not that it’s just full screen and high definition 720p. You have all of these things coming together to create the net result, the net experience. It offers that fan a superior  entertainment experience than they could get on a website, email, or Facebook and Twitter.”"

DeskSite has already done a lot to make the fan experience of accessing content much better. 2014 however, looks to bring big things to DeskSite that will include even more exciting elements to the app to improve the fan experience even more.

The first team to join DeskSite was the New England Patriots who were followed by the St. Louis Rams. Right now DeskSite has 12 teams that use the app. However, within the next year, they are looking to expand to 22-25 teams and the hope is that every team is involved in the optional program by 2015.

Not only that, but at some point they would like to get involved in other sports and get teams in the NHL, NBA, MLB, and NASCAR. At some point they would even like to go international and include soccer and cricket. To go even further down the road, they would even like to venture outside of sports.

"“The NFL is really our primary focus today however. The NFL as you know is not just the most important sports brand it’s the most important entertainment,” Gillam said, “and that fundamentally is why we brought this technology and platform to the NFL first, and why we are continuing to expand within the NFL. Then of course we will look to expand out of the NFL later this year. But first and foremost our priority, dedication, and commitment is to ensure that we can always support our NFL partners first and foremost, before we look to expand outside of that.”"

Right now DeskSite has approximately half a million users, and by expanding and adding to the fan experience they will certainly bring in more. However, for the people that are using the app as of now, fans seem to like what it brings.

DeskSite is really all about building a relationship between the team and their fans and making sure that the fans are getting the content in the best possible way,

"” What matters to us is that  a fan understands and knows about their team’s DeskSite, that’s what matters to us.  Our job at DeskSite is to leverage technology to create a bridge between the hardcore fan and the team.” Gillam said. ” “Thats one of the things that we’re here to do, and I think that our product is in the process of doing that now and I’m excited that the upcoming years are going to offer us an opportunity to elevate that relationship even further.”"

Downloading this amazing app is absolutely free and it’s easy to do. To download the St. Louis Rams DeskSite click here and download the app for your PC or Mac system.