St. Louis Rams Logo Re-Design: Appealing To The Euro Crowd


Last season, the St. Louis Rams traveled to London to play in New England Patriots in the league’s annual “international game.” While the eventual outcome of that game has been shoved to the back of most fan’s minds, the events prior to the actual game were entertaining, to say the least. Aside from Greg Zuerlein and Johnny Hekker stealing the show with their raw kicking abilities, there were countless images of the team posing at local tourist attractions and venturing through the Arsenal F.C. facilities. Arsenal, of course, is the wildly successful  European football club owned by Stan Kroenke, currently ranked as the fourth most valuable club in the world (estimated $1.3 billion).

With Kroenke’s European influence and the NFL’s continuing efforts to “expand” the league’s brand across the pond, would it be that surprising to see some of the logos and gear reflect that of non-American futbol? The answer that, you can simply look over the NBA, who are sponsored by the European-driven company Adidas, and then look at the “new” NBA All-Star jerseys: a design that certainly took some inspiration from soccer.

While the NFL, who is currently partnering with Nike, will likely not be so easily dissuaded into any radical alterations to their gear or logos, one website decided to brainstorm what they might look like anyways. The site entitled, “Football As Football” created these works of art with the inspiration of  “We love football. Both kinds. Football as football is a design exploration of American Football logos redesigned as European football (soccer) badges.”

With that in mind, here is what they came up with for the St. Louis Rams…

As a typical American, my assumption was that all soccer badges followed a similar pattern of design for all European clubs. However, as it turns out, there are variations among the different countries for logos. The image above is of the “Spanish” style badge.

This one is their workup of an “Italian” style badge, fixed with some olive branches and the St. Louis Arch in the middle of the design for added appeal. Of the two, I’d still hand the “top” design to the Spanish badge, especially considering it fits with the modern Rams colors. However, they didn’t stop their just two countries…

If you couldn’t immediately recognize the badge’s origin, this is their version of an “English” style Rams logo. While the Fleur-de-lis on the top of the crest is a bit too reminiscent of the New Orleans Saints, the fierce looking rams certainly add a touch of intensity to design.

For a chance to look at the designs for all 32 teams, go check out their site at!