5 Rams That Could Be On Their Way Out Of St. Louis Before Free Agency

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Cornerback Cortland Finnegan

Although I don’t see the Rams releasing Finnegan, it certainly could be a possibility and something they need to consider. Finnegan hasn’t lived up to his big contract that the Rams gave him when he came to St. Louis, and the Rams need to do something about it, whether it’s renegotiating or just simply releasing him, the Rams need to do something. The Rams could release him early in the offseason and save $4 million on their cap in the process, or they could choose to designate him as a post–June 1 release, which would save them $6 million on next year’s cap while pushing $2 million of the dead money from Finnegan’s deal onto the 2015 salary cap. Don’t count on Finnegan being released however, with Gregg Williams as the Rams defensive coordinator and Finnegan being back healthy next season, the Rams may keep him, just for a cheaper price.